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Classic Montrose Debut Released on Audio Fidelity's 24 Karat.

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by: Keith "MuzikMan" Hannaleck

Marshall Blonstein
Audio Fidelity
870 East Front Street, #4
Ventura, CA 93001
Telephone: (866) 203-0647
Fax:(805) 648-7552
E-mail: [email protected]

Ventura, CA--07/12/05--In late 2001, after fifteen years as the main force behind DCC's success, Marshall Blonstein resigned as President and Chairman of The Board of DCC Compact Classics to form Audio Fidelity. He has continued his tremendous success with the label and started his own series of gold disc releases.

Collectors around the world covet the 24 Karat gold discs and there is one available now, that will have rock fans and audiophiles alike licking their chops. The classic rock-metal self-titled Montrose album. Preceding the Montrose release the series kicked off with the Doobie Brothers Minute By Minute and the Faces A Nod Is As Good As A Wink.

The buzz has already started in rock circles. Once people hear the meaty Montrose power chords pounding through their speakers and Sammy Hagar singing lines from "Rock Candy" like "You're rock candy baby, hot sweet and sticky" again, this classic rock album will most certainly relive all the success it experienced when it was released in 1973.

The lyrics are still smoldering after all these years and so is Ronnie Montrose's guitar. His legacy holds a lot of weight 32 years later and it is evident that he influenced legions of guitar players with this album.

This 24 Karat Gold discs have a clear and even sound afforded by the meticulous process of sourcing the music from the original master tapes then converting it from analog to digital. Music fans have a lot to look forward to in coming months, Audio Fidelity will be releasing the self-titled Bad Company debut and one of the best from the Deep Purple catalog Who Do We Think We Are.

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