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by: dawn van zant
For Immediate Release
October 21, 2004 Online Investor Audio Conference, Coming Wednesday, November 17th

POINT ROBERTS, Wash., October 21, 2004 - (NGS), a global investor portal for the natural gas sector, is pleased to host its first online investor conference in audio format, November 17, 2004. The online forum/conference will feature speakers from a cross section of small and large public companies in the natural gas sector as well as industry experts (TBA). The format will be an audio presentation and an accompanying PowerPoint presentation. Interested Investors can gain perspective from industry participants and experts.

Public companies or industry experts that would like to present and participate please contact NGS. Portal:

Natural Gas Investor Online Investor Audio Forum:
The NGS site does not make recommendations, but offers a unique information portal to investors to explore news, articles, and recent research. Exclusive Article:
Excerpt: What's up with natural gas prices?

By Allen R. Gibson
Energy futures are now the hottest sector on Wall St. Some are calling energy stocks the new 'tech bubble', with all sorts of speculative players leaping into the market. Oil, for example, is trading about 70% higher than it was a year ago. This despite the fact that global supply is still adequate to meet demand. Fund managers are worried, though, that any significant new disruption of supply -through terror attacks, war, or more hurricanes - could really throw a monkey wrench into the global economy. Another lingering worry among analysts is the world's limited excess capacity, or supply buffer, which is hovering at only 1 percent above daily global consumption of 82 million barrels. Suddenly, everyone is trying to hedge their energy bets!

"In our judgement, oil doesn't belong where it is," says energy analyst George Gaspar. "That doesn't mean that it can't go up from here," he adds, "because the market seems to want it to go up."
Gaspar works with Robert W. Baird & Co. out of Milwaukee, and on the natural gas side of the equation, he sees the majors moving on to hunt for bigger fish in the mid and far east, leaving independents to work on finding more domestic supply. Which they are doing but, he says, "the decline curves are getting more severe, so that may be one of the critical points influencing prices, But if gas stays above the $6 level it's going to be very profitable to accelerate drilling activity," he notes. "What's happening in gas is going to encourage increased drilling, particularly in CBM."

For the complete story, click here:

For Michael Brush's tips on the Gas Sector, click here: includes a growing list of public companies in the sector. The following is a partial list of companies involved in natural gas:

Current Participating Companies:

Heartland Oil & Gas Corp. (OTCBB: HOGC), a coalbed methane (CBM) company whose operations are located in the Forest City Basin in the state of Kansas. Heartland recently completed a financing of $44.5 million of gross proceeds to fund its Kansas acquisition and to provide the necessary working capital required into 2006.

Petrol Oil and Gas, Inc. (OTCBB: POIG), primary objective is the development of Coal Bed Methane in Eastern Kansas and Western Missouri. During the past two years Petrol leased approximately 165,000 acres located in and around Coffey County, Kansas and in nearby Missouri. Petrol recently completed a $6.6 million financing to fund its CBM drilling program, which is now underway.
Silver Star Energy, Inc. (OTCBB: SVSE) is committed to the exploration and development of oil and natural gas reserves throughout western North America. Company management is focused on an acquisition program targeting high quality, low risk prospects provided via key strategic partnerships. The Company has its first producing gas well being tied-in to pipeline in California, and excellent prospects both there and in Alberta.

ECON Corporate Services owns and

Disclaimer: The site does not make recommendations but offers an information portal to investors to research news, articles, and recent research. Its featured companies, Heartland Oil & Gas Corp., Petrol Oil and Gas Inc. and Silver Star Energy, Inc. compensate the site, but the current list of stocks is provided as a free research tool. Compensation specifics: Heartland Oil and Gas Corp.: Two thousand dollars per month, plus ten thousand options at three dollars and fifty cents. Petrol Oil and Gas, Inc.: Four thousand dollars per month, plus six thousand dollars per month in one forty-four shares. Silver Star Energy, Inc.: Three thousand dollars per month.

Public companies or industry experts that would like to present and participate please contact NGS.

Participating companies must adhere to all SEC disclosure requirements.

For more information contact:

Dawn Van Zant 800.665.0411

Trevor Ruehs 866.269.5051
Email: or
Web Site:

About the author:

The NGS site does not make recommendations, but offers a unique information portal to investors to explore news, articles, and recent research.


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