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Autoresponder > Autoresponder marketing strategy. Confirmation email..

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by: Eugenijus Sakalauskas

There are a number of different ways you can use autoresponders
to market to your visitors

One of them - confirmation emails

Using autoresponders to send instant confirmation emails to your
Customers and subscribes after they have made a purchase or signed
up for your newsletter is a great way to provide people with an
additional level to customers service

Autoresponders also free you from having to manually send out
confirmations ? giving your time to focus on more profitable areas
of your business. But you also know that these confirmation
autoresponders ar a great marketing opportunity

Because instant confirmation do a lot to boost the credibility of
your company, they are the perfect place for a marketing message.
You`ve responded immediately to your customer`s request , letting
them now that yours is a reliable , professional company. Why not
take advantage of that by offering them a specia price on one of
your best-selling products ?

Suppose you own a web site that sells cycling equipment. Of course ,
you offer a free weekly newsletter packed with tons of great
cycling tips. Every time someone signs up for your newsletter , they
receive an instant autoresponder thanking them and confirming
their subscription.

Once you`ve seen for yourself how autoresponders can boost your
profits , you`ll be working them into just about every aspect of your business.
Here`s one example of how can use a network of autoresponders to
capture sales like wound`t believe.

Step 1 A visitor come sto your site and decides to sing up
to your free newsletter or free report.

Step 2 That visitors is instantly sent a confirmation e-mail
via autoresponder thanking them for their subscription .
This e-mail also includes a discount offer on one of
your best-selling product.

Step 3 The subscribes orders your product. This purchase triggers
another autoresponder , which
contains an offer for an add-on o the product their just bought.

Step 4 They decided to purchase the add-on , which triggers another autoresponder.

Step 5 And so on ??.

Can you believe that this process is 100% automatic? Once you`ve
written to autoresponders,you can literally forget about them and just
start watching the sales roll on. With almost no effort on your part,
you`ve turned a casual visitors to your site into a repeat customers.
And you barely had to lift a finger.

And don`t limit yourself to just placing marketing messages in
your confirmation messages.You can ( and should) advertise your product
and services just about every time you send a message to yourcustomers
and subscribes.Remember , once you`ve put an advertising message into
your autoresponders , your sales will be generaye automatically.

About the author:
Eugenijus Sakalauskas is an established ezine publisher
and direct marketer who specializes in developing new
ideas and methods on
E-Ezine - Free marketing recourses,articles,website promotion tips.
Get FREE info mailto:[email protected]

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