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When Weather Diverts You. . ..

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by: Pat Redmond

It's part of flying, and there's nothing you can do about it. . . perhaps.

You're trying to get to your destination, or maybe you're trying to get home. You look at the weather and no matter how you plot out your time, direction of flight, and other options, you're staying put!

Blessing or curse?

I guess it depends what you'd like to make of it.

Flying home from OshKosh I met up with a couple stranded at the Mason County Airport (LDM) in Ludington,Michigan. If I were to be stranded anywhere, Ludington would be my dream! Beautiful sandy beaches on Lake Michigan have made this town one of the busiest resort towns in Michigan.

Again, blessing or curse?

This couple called over 40 hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts only to find all of them sold out! Once again they reviewed their options. Fly to Ann Arbor for a better position in the morning, sleep in the plane, make use of the comfortable lounge furniture in the terminal lobby?

The adventure continued. . .

A call from a local Bed and Breakfast revealed that there was one room they hadn't discovered. They'd have to share a bathroom, and there was no air conditioning, but there was a "bed" and a "breakfast!"

It turns out that this couple had also spent the night in Ludington on the way over to OshKosh when weather prevented them from flying across the lake.

Of course, I haven't heard the ending to this story yet, but If I wrote my own ending it would go something like this:

"After checking into the Bed and Breakfast, we walked down to the beach where we watched the boats and fishermen enjoy the evening as if nothing else in the world mattered. We realized we were getting hungry after the events of the day and found a cozy little seafood restaurant with a stunning view of the lake.

Before it was too late, I made a phone call to work letting them know I wouldn't be back on Monday or maybe even Tuesday! I was told to take my time and advised not push it if weather was an issue. How good can this get?

The room was just fine, and the breeze blowing through the open window was far more comfortable than a noisy room air conditioner.

After some interesting conversation and a tasty breakfast, we headed back home and didn't worry too much about weather.

If we had to stop again we'd have one more adventure to add to our journal and maybe another day or two off work!

Link: http://www.airplanenoise.com/great_trips.htm


Pat Redmond, Brighton, Mi usa
[email protected]
Pat Redmond, helps business owners who are tired of long lines and baggage claims, fly their way to freedom! Enjoy dinner with your family tonight! To learn more about the General Aviation Business, sign up for more FREE tips like these, visit her site at http://www.airplanenoise.com


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