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Passive Smokers Can Get Breast Cancer.

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by: Jasdeep Singh
US scientists have claimed that secondhand smokers are at higher risk of Breast Cancer. Earlier, their research also led to them to the conclusion that young women smokers are more likely to get addicted to smoking than young men.

Breast Cancer is the number one cancer among women and the count of its victim are rising very rapidly. This is for the first time that passive smoking has been directly linked with some sort of cancer. World Health Organization links smoking with 25 Cancers: Some of these cancers are : uterine, kidneys, cervix, pancreas, head and neck... The study firmly proves that smoking is not only injurious to your health but also to the company you are with. Wake Up!

Smoking doesn't stop here with its side-effects. For women, smoking also increases the risk of strokes and heart diseases. And to add fuel to the fire, chances for heart related diseases gets ten-fold if they are taking birth-control pills side by side.

Besides this, smoking is also responsible for :

. Bad breath and stained teeth

. Risk of stomach ulcers and acid reflux.

. Charm on the face vanishes. Wrinkles develop soon.

. Setting up wrong examples for your children.

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