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The 2006 BMW M6: BMW Performance Parts, Aftermarket Parts now available at Parts Train.

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by: Jenny McLane
The all-new M6 features weight-saving technologies such as a carbon-fiber roof and 19-inch forged aluminum wheels that are almost four pounds lighter than regular cast wheels. With almost 500 horsepower available, BMW claims the M6 will hit 60 mph in under 4.6 seconds, and it will run to 20 5mph without the traditional 155-mph speed limiter. The suspension, though similar to that of the M5, is specially tuned to take advantage of the M6's shorter wheelbase and lower center of gravity. Massive cross-drilled brakes enable the M6 to pull up from 60 mph in less than 118 feet.

It is the most powerful 6 Series yet to be produced as it shares its power unit with the recently released M5. Acceleration is from 0-100 km/h comes in 4.6 seconds and the M6 reaches 200 km/h about 14 seconds. Top speed is limited to 250 km/h. It has a 5-litre V10 engine with a power output of 373 kW at 7 750 r/min, while torque is 520 Nm at 6 100 r/min. In city driving where not much power is needed, the BMW M6 automatically sets off in its comfort-oriented P400 performance program with 296 kW (400 bhp) engine output. The V10 power unit requires roughly twice as much cooling air as the V8 in the BMW 645Ci. The V10 is indeed the most demanding engine in technical terms. BMW?s high-speed engine concept allows an optimum gearbox and final drive transmission ratio. The two five-cylinder banks in the V10 are arranged at an angle of 90? in order to optimize the standard of vibration control and motoring comfort offered by full mass compensation on the crank drive. Taking the substantial forces of the combustion process, high engine speeds and vibrations into account, the crankcase comes in bedplate design. The extremely stiff crankshaft, in turn, runs in six bearings.

The engine control unit is ionic current technology serving to detect any tendency of the engine to knock, misfire and suffer mis-combustion. BMW?s seven-speed SMG transmission is precisely the right manual gearbox for conveying the power of the V10 via the drivetrain to the rear wheels. This gearbox from BMW M is indeed the world?s only sequential transmission with seven gears and Drivelogic. With qualities even greater than on a six-speed SMG gearbox, this transmission allows manual selection of gears with extremely short gearshift times as well as comfortable cruising qualities thanks to the automatic gear selection function.

The M6?s engine electronics is one of the most advanced engine control systems ever developed. The MS S65 control unit coordinates all engine functions using three 32-bit processors that handle more than 200 million operations per second from over 50 incoming signals. Each of the 10 cylinders has its own throttle butterfly, with its position being monitored 200 times per second.

The variable, speed-sensing M Differential Lock gives the M6 superior driving stability and optimum traction particularly when accelerating out of a bend. The 19-inch forged aluminum wheels developed especially for the M6, together with their five filigree double spokes, are extremely light and provide a very good view of the large brake discs.

The new BMW M6 uses a hybrid construction of aluminum, thermoplastics and SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound). This mixture of materials delivers an extremely rigid, yet light, body structure. The most superior in BMW Performance Parts, OEM Parts, Replacement Parts and Aftermarket Parts than anywhere else on the web can be found at Partstrain. It has your BMW Parts at better prices than you will pay elsewhere.

Parts train's BMW parts catalog is user friendly and as secure at , for the BMW part you need and the best quality BMW auto parts, give our professional sales staff a call toll free and get the answers you need. Whether you need to replace your BMW 318i oxygen sensors or complete 528i exhaust, stock or performance cross-drilled brake discs, or BMW 740il water pump we have the BMW parts you need.

About the author:
Jenny McLane is a 36 year old native of Iowa and has a knack for research on cars and anything and everything about it. She works full time as a Market Analyst for one of the leading car parts suppliers in the country today.

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