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by: Roy Thomsitt
From my childhood memories, pride of place on the top of Christmas tree always went to a fairy dressed in white. Or was it an angel? No, I'm sure it was the Christmas fairy; and she was usually last to go on the tree apart from the tinsel. One thing for sure, it was always after the other tree ornaments such as the hanging balls.

Life has become much more competitive since then, and the Christmas tree topping fairy has lots of competition now for the top spot, the Christmas-ornament-in-chief position.

So what competition does the classic Christmas tree fairy have, that will confine her to history as the star ornament. No, perhaps writing her off like that is premature; I should first mention that if you want a classic, antique Christmas tree fairy as your top tree ornament, then you can still find them; tracking them down online is not difficult. Aside from the nostalgia, though, there really is a big choice of Christmas tree toppers these days. The fairy has a close ally, an angel, competing for that top spot as a Christmas tree character, and even Santa Claus has been muscling in on this prime real estate, presumably tired of being stereotyped as a chimney person.

I'm not sure if Santa is aware of this, but his insubordinate reindeer are also seeking the limelight behind his back, and will no doubt be seen this Christmas atop many a Christmas tree. Also, the increased fame of snowmen has gone to their heads a bit, and they too may be seen smiling out from the top of lots of brightly decorated trees.

Pride of place on the Christmas tree may also just go to a shape. A star can claim some relevance to Christmas, but other shapes too may be found in the Christmas-ornament-in-chief role. While the Christmas tree fairy was usually a doll, nowadays you get all sorts of designs and materials. Hand painted metal, for example, is now common. As always, though, it is down to budget and taste when it comes to buying your Christmas tree toppers. But at least, you can be grateful that you have a choice that is now quite varied. That used to be far from the case.

Your Christmas tree ornaments can, this year, bring a touch of uniqueness for your visitors to enjoy; and you of course!

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