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Gift Baskets - Create Simple Easy Gifts For the Person Who Has Everything!.

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by: Donna Hamer
Have you ever thought about giving a personalized Gift Basket?

Is it just me or do you also get excited when you give a gift to your friends and family and you know they love it!

The downside you give a gift and you just know they hate it! Unfortunately you can't always get it right because what seems right and the appropriate gift for you isn?t always right and appropriate for the person you are buying for.

Take my mother for instance, if you don't buy her a gift say for Mothers Day you will be in the bad books for weeks. Now before you agree with her, let me ask you this ?What do you give someone who has everything?? If you could walk around this ladies house you would understand my problem!

Well over the years I have learnt how to stay in her good books by creating something different and unique every year. I also like to make it a gift that I make, so its personal and comes from the heart. Yes you guessed it a personalized ?gift basket?.

Leading up to the occasion, I take some time to think about things that Mum has said she liked over the year and things that she has pointed out in a book that she might like. Then I go about looking for items that would fit into a theme that I can put together into a ?Basket?. She loves ?glass bowls? so I try to use a glass bowl as the ?basket? for my gift and then fill it with items that she likes. It could be as simple as some pampering items or a night out to the movies such as popcorn, candies, a drink, chocolates and two movie tickets etc.

Gift Baskets can be all shapes and sizes, you are only limited by your imagination and of course your budget. A gift basket doesn?t have to be big and elaborate it can be something small. Presentation is the key to a stunning gift basket!

I have always struggled with ?creative talent? so when I discovered that making gift baskets was very simple, I became a talented person over night!

Something I have found funny since I learnt how easy it was to create a ?Gift Basket? is how many friends copy my ideas and give baskets to their friends.

I give ?Gift Baskets? for all occasions - from Christmas to Marriages, Arrival of a New Baby, Birthday Gifts for Boys or Girls, Leaving Party in fact the reasons are endless.

For a boys birthday, how easy is it to get a bucket, spade and sand digging equipment. A cool towel, hat or cap (write their name on the hat to give it a unique look), a stick of sunscreen or zinc cream. Then wrap it up !!

For a girl, they love lots of knick knacks or things they can make. Try putting together packets of beads in a container with compartments. Include some wire and hooks. Your local craft store can help you with the items required. You can create this ?Gift Basket? for less than $15.00 and they love it !

About the author:

About the Author ? Donna Hamer is the author and publisher of 101 Gift Basket Ideas. For a Free 5 part Mini Course on how to create your own ?Personalized Gift Baskets? visit

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