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An Accident Compensation Claim Can Be Settled In 2 Months.

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by: Mumtaz Shah
Personal injury claims can be settled within 2 months, if you know how. If you make an effort with the accident solicitor, then you never know, you might also have a record breaking settlement.

Over the years, people have started wondering, if anything said by a salesperson is true. Settling an accident compensation claim within 'x' amount of days, weeks, months or years. But as time goes by, you have plenty of reasons to be frustrated!

It's not your fault, falling for their tricks. They're salespeople, that's what they do for a living. Some are honest, tricksters and some of the combination. But the ones that have deceived you, what can you possibly do to them now?

You're right, you can't do absolutely anything at all. Why? You're never going to see them ever again. The have either left the company or moved to another department. Pitches like ?we'll finish your compensation claim with 4 months!? I mean, come on?

The Timescale

Each accident claim is unique. Do you think, the accident that happened on the news yesterday is the same as yours? I doubt it. If a case was settled yesterday for a 5 figure sum, what are your initial thoughts? THE FIVE FIGURE SUM! 'Oh, that was a good payout.'

Do you know how long that claim took, who the third party was, who the insurers were? I guess not! But the money factor always catches a person's interest.

A compensation claim should be made on the basis of 'your injury'. Not on the money factor. Treat it as something unfortunate happening to you and allow the accident compensation solicitors deal with it.

Don't treat it as a wager or an additional income and never, never, never put a timescale on it! The minute you put a timescale on it, if it's not achieved then you are only going to be more frustrated. You'll be chasing the solicitor, every week, only to hear that they are waiting for the other side insurers to respond.

There are various factors that can slow down the process for settlement of your personal injury claim.

The Accident

Between yourself and the solicitor, you need to gather all relevant information regarding the accident. The when, how and where, which does, itself take a lot of time, money and effort.

The Medical

Medical consultants also take time off from work, so this can also delay the process. Also when you visit a medical consultant, you could get a good grilling into every detail of your accident and injury. You may also not be satisfied with their report and probably would want them to re-assess it, which in effect takes more time.

The Other Side Insurers

They require a full medical examination of your injuries, including your medical history. Then on this basis they can conclude on a settlement figure.

So before you make a claim for compensation, bear in mind that the timescale varies from case to case. Now for one minute don't think that your claim will get settle in weeks, months or years, until you have spoken to an accident compensation solicitor. Once he/she gathers the information or evidence, then they'll be able to give you a more reasonable timescale. However, this is also approximate, as they don't control the other party insurers.

If they do mention it will take 3 months then you should look at a maximum of 4 months. It does happen, that claims can get settled in 2 months, if it's straight forward. All the relevant paperwork is in order and the other side has admitted liability. In order to reduce long legal battle, expenses, time and effort, they know they're in the wrong, so it's best to settle early. On the other hand, how would a solicitor make those estimates if you don't speak to them?

The Payout

Money is sometimes a motivating factor as it does help and contribute to some of your disrupted life activities. But don't rush the accident solicitor to settle the claim quicker.

There are other 'factors' that, if a claim lasts longer, the more you get paid. This could possibly be true to a certain extent.

So in conclusion, do claim for your personal injury or accident and be patient as there is no real law to settle a case quicker just because you, the injured, need the money urgently.

About the author:
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