What exactly is Nitric Oxide (NO2)? Why is it such a POWERFUL bodybuilding supplement?..
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What exactly is Nitric Oxide (NO2)? Why is it such a POWERFUL bodybuilding supplement?.

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by: Chad Klingensmith
What is Nitric Oxide anyway?

The chemical compound nitric oxide is a gas with a chemical formula NO. It is an important signaling molecule in the body of mammals including humans, one of the few gaseous signaling molecules known. Nitric oxide (NO) is not nitrous oxide (N2O) or with nitrogen dioxide (NO2). (Formal definition courtesy of Wikipedia)

What is L-arginine (the key ingredient used to produce Nitric Oxide)

L-arginine is an amino acid found in grains and fish, meats, supplements and passes through the intestine into the blood. From the blood, it enters endothelial cells, (these are the layer of cells lining the inside of the blood and lymph vessels of the heart) where it is used to produce nitric oxide.
L-arginine can be found in many foods such as meat, poultry, dairy products, and fish. The body also uses arginine to produce nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels. For this reason, it has been used to treat cardiovascular disorders such as heart failure, intermittent claudication, impotence, female sexual dysfunction, and interstitial cystitis. (Formal definition courtesy of Wikipedia).
It can also be used as an ergogenic aid to supplement bodybuilding and sports endeavors.
L-arginine supplements cause a delayed release of Nitric Oxide into the blood. Ed Byrd (the creator of NO 2) called this the "pHyser3" effect of creating a sustained hemodilation or blood flow in the body.
How does this help with bodybuilding?
Nitric Oxide helps with a sustained blood pump in your body. The blood vessels that deliver muscle building agents (nutrients, creatine) to your muscles are "forced open" for an extended period of time throughout the day. This means quicker recovery, enhanced muscle gains, greater strength, more endurance due to the prolonged pump NO2 provides. You know how you feel "pumped up" after a workout? Nitric oxide helps perpetuate this muscle pump effect.

Are there other health benefits to Nitric Oxide besides bodybuilding?
There is evidence that nitric oxide can prevent heart disease and stroke. The vasodilation effect nitric oxide helps protect the blood vessels from dangerous constriction. This increases the blood vessel flexibility to blood can circulate at a lower pressure. Nitric oxide may also help control platelet function, reduce artery plaque and even lower cholesterol.

Where can I get nitric oxide?

Nitric oxide supplements is available at most supplement and health nutrition stores. Here are five nitric oxide products I would recommend:

-Nitrix by BSN. Nitrix has quickly gained the reputation as the world's top Nitric Oxide (NO) supplements. You can find it at http://www.discountanabolics.com/p/BN1.

-NO-xplode by BSN. NO-xplode uses both creatine and nitrix oxide to help you explode you bodybuilding regimen. NO-xplode is highly recommended, Discount Anabolics had the best price at http://www.discountanabolics.com/p/BS01.

-A-AKG by Pro-line. This is perhaps the most economical priced nitric oxide supplement I could find. A-AKG is available at http://www.discountanabolics.com/p/AP01.

-Mid-Cycle by Fizogen. Mid Cycle effectively enhances nutrient uptake, increases cell-signaling vasodilation and promotes improved muscle torque and intercellular energy levels. Mid-Cycle is available at http://www.discountanabolics.com/p/FMC.

-Cold Fusion by Legal Gear. This bodybuilding supplements is especially appropriate for serious athletes looking to maximize muscle gains with NO2. Cold fusion has twice as much NO per serving than any other nitric oxide product. Cold Fusion is available at http://www.discountanabolics.com/p/LG01.

You can find nitric oxide in almost any supplement store or the internet. I have experimented (and have been ripped off a few times) with several supplement stores. I found GNC was the most accessible but way too expensive. So far the company I have been most pleased with is Rocky Mountain Sports Nutrition. They offer the best selection of bodybuilding supplements and weight loss products I could find. When it came to prices and customer service they were second to nobody. Check them out at http://www.discountanabolics.com.

About the author:
Chad Klingensmith is an American Council on Exercise certified Personal Trainer. He has helped many clients, friends and family realize the benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Do you have any fitness questions for Chad? Email him at fitnesschad@gmail.com

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