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Simple tips for a stress free holiday entertaining from M&M Meat Shops.

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by: NC
M&M Meat Shops (NC)?This hectic holiday season, instead of trying to cook everything from scratch, relax and make merry with the help of frozen holiday favourites! With over 350 locations in Canada, M&M Meat Shops is your one stop shop for holiday entertaining with an incredible selection of hors d'oeuvres, appetizers, finger foods and prepared meals ? all ready to heat and serve or thaw and serve. In-store Product Consultants make shopping decisions easy by sharing delicious party suggestions that deliver great taste with minimal effort. Their tips include:

1. Keep your get-together cozy and invite only the number of people you and your home can comfortably manage.

2. Plan your menu in advance and offer 5 to 8 different types of hors d'oeuvres for a cocktail party. Count on serving 8 to 10 appetizer pieces and 2 to 3 dessert pieces per person.

3. Make a chart listing your menu items, including the cooking times and temperatures, along with the serving plates and utensils. This will help keep you organized as guests arrive.

4. Get creative with your appetizers. Offer selections with international flavour and compliment with some fun decorations and themes.

5. Slice cakes and other thaw-and-serve desserts while they are still partially frozen. This will speed thawing and make serving all the easier when it's dessert time.

Visit your local M&M Meat Shops store, speak to a Product Consultant and pick up a free copy of the M&M "Season's Eatings Holiday Guide". For great holiday party and meal ideas you can also visit

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