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Seecrets On Writing: Free Requotable Quotes For Internet Writers.

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by: Stan Seecrets
Original quotes, when used at the beginning or at the end of an article provide a touch of class. At the least, it will make your article different from the thousands of articles filed daily. It can be witty, satirical, funny or just a different opinion on current issues. Perhaps, it could be an outrageous prediction that even no expert will dare to rule out.

Famous quotes are often used as templates. By substituting certain words, voila, you have created something worth pondering.

If you are the author of an original quote which you want to share with the internet writing community, send an email to this author. Objectionable material, pertaining to adult content, hatred, religious intolerances will be rejected. The list will be constantly updated at the author?s website

Stan Seecrets:

The sum total of all human knowledge is a prime number. (Spoof of Fermat?s Last Theorem and commenting the pool of public domain knowledge is great)

The sum total of all human wisdom is not a prime number. (Spoof of Fermat?s Last Theorem and commenting the lack of wisdom among our political leaders)

There are two types of people in the world ? those who know what they don't know and those who don't know what they don't know. (Commenting on the lack of common-sense among individual investors and the public)

The imminent war for world domination will be fought between the gods of the internet and the gods of finance. (Disagreeing with Samuel Huntington?s claim in ?A Clash of Civilizations?. All wars are economic in nature)

Crypto will be a search engine?s nightmare. (Commenting of the possibility of using crypto as a safeguard against search engines increasing encroachments on individuals? privacy)

Website promotion is a journey of a million sweats. Savor each drop and it will taste like honey. (Commenting on most websites? futility in trying to use shortcuts and dubious methods to improve their site?s ranking)

If reading maketh the man, conference the complete man and writing the exact man, then the internet maketh writers free. (Addendum to Francis Bacon?s famous quote and commenting on the writers unprecedented freedoms)

Poets try to capture the essence of the universe with the elegance of words. Mathematicians try to do the same with their formula and numbers. Therefore, mathematicians are calculative poets. (Poking fun at mathematicians, and himself)

Those who write articles cannot write software. Those who write software cannot write articles. Those who can do neither, become publishers. (Spoof of Lao Zi?s 56th verse and poking fun at publishers while jealous of their top positions of the content food chain)

About the author:
The author, Stan Seecrets, is a veteran software developer with 25 years experience at http://www.seecrets.bizwhich specializes in digital asset protection and total website management. You can send your views or criticism by e-mail to Stan at ? Copyright 2005, Stan Seecrets. All rights reserved

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