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The Storyteller, Volume I.

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by: Martha Whittington
The Storyteller
New Book Offers Supernatural Tales Involving Everyday People

Martha Whittington invites readers to take a break from the doldrums of daily routine and delve into a world where ordinary lives are blindsided by the bizarre. The Storyteller: Volume I (now available through AuthorHouse) provides a feast of paranormal delights that satisfy the imagination.
Comprised of six intriguing tales, The Storyteller delves into the lives of a colorful variety of people who suddenly find themselves in unsettling situations. In ?The Fennigan Case,? two news reporters step across the threshold of a creepy house and into another dimension. ?A Unique Team? follows another investigative journalist as he plunges into international intrigue. Readers explore the mind of a psychic teenager in ?The Hidden Knowledge? and meet a wicked woman who holds an entire town hostage with her dark magic in ?The Witch?. Two brothers endure tragedy in a remote corner of the world in ?Sand,? and a couple experiences any parent?s worst nightmare in ?The Gifted Child?.
Throughout The Storyteller, Whittington weaves a macabre tapestry of drama, suspense and fast-paced action. From the dangers of the Egyptian desert to the cold streets of New York, she takes readers on a thrilling journey along the knife-edge between this world and the unknown. A captivating read for fans of the disturbingly weird. The Storyteller delivers thrills and chills at each turn of the page.

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About the author:
Born and raised in Monterrey, Mexico, Whittington set out to see the world when she was 21. She holds a Degree in Communications and a Master?s in Public Relations, and she speaks fluent Spanish, English, German and French. Whittington comes from a family of published authors. At a young age, she wrote short stories that won awards in international contests. She currently lives in Houston, where she continues to nurture her passion for writing.

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