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Cosmetics > Cosmetics ? the practical way to BEAUTY!.

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by: Mike Yeager
Want that healthy, tanned look without that elusive Spanish holiday? Use cosmetics! For cosmetics is the easiest way to enhance your image. Image is what the cosmetic industry sells through its products. And although it's up to you to believe it or not, I?m sure you won?t complain. Definitely not when you can get "that look" without being much the poorer for it.

There are cosmetics for almost every need.

There are cosmetics for almost every need. Foundations, lipsticks, hair dyes, hair straighteners, hair sprays, skin conditioners, contact lenses, sunscreens, tanning products, glosses, shadows and what have you?.. The list is seemingly endless. Branded cosmetics abound! Choose between MAC cosmetics or Mary Kay cosmetics if you will. And if you can't afford it ? well, there?s always discount cosmetics which give you famous brands at a fraction of their price! So despair not! Get rid of that patch of graying hair, mask that niggling pimple, and banish the ugliness of your nose albeit temporarily with some prudently used cosmetics. Do take care, of course, to check out the contents. Certain cosmetic additives are harmful for the skin. Don't use so called "cosmeceuticals" unless their content, medicinal benefits and safety is verified. Having done that, go right ahead and indulge. And, if a lipstick is all that?s between you and that Marilyn Monroe look, go, get it!

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