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IT Support Services in London.

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by: Netstaruk

At Netstaruk, we provide a range of IT support services in London. We provide telephonic and remote support to our clients, onsite visits on a schedule or during an emergency, remote monitoring of servers and auditing of LANs. Our engineers can help you set up and monitor your network. They can help you protect your network using firewalls, antivirus and antispam software, and can also help you back up your data remotely. They can enable you to set up an actual network to connect three or more computers, or a virtual private network (VPN), so that you or your employees can work from home.
Netstaruk's telephonic support service is offered at a fixed cost, as and when required by your business. We provide comprehensible support via phone and e-mail, so that your problems are solved quickly. We also provide downloadable software that enables us to remotely monitor your computers in an emergency. At least 92 percent of the emergencies we deal with are solved remotely or via telephone. In case telephonic or remote support does not solve the problem, we send our engineers to solve the problem onsite. We also send our engineers onsite to resolve support issues, help with network administration, work on minor projects and install and configure software.
At Netstaruk, we provide an initial LAN audit when we first set up your network, to ensure that all devices are working as promised and expected. We also monitor your server remotely, a service that was till now provided only to large corporations. Our engineers also pay scheduled visits to clients, to ensure that all is well and to take care of minor problems before they snowball into major issues.
Netstaruk also enables you to set up firewalls, and use antispam and antivirus software to protect your systems. Firewalls prevent unauthorized break-ins into your computer systems, antispam software ensures that you do not receive junk mail and antivirus software ensures that your systems are not affected by Trojans or internet worms. We also enable our clients to encrypt and back up their data over the internet-at present, we safeguard at least 200 GB worth of client data.
In case you are looking for a web hosting service, we have various packages to suit your needs. We can provide a wide range of broadband services for small office-home office (SOHO) and business networks, as well as domain registration services.
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