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MLM Success Training - How To Make Prospects Beg To Join Your MLM Business Opportunity..

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by: Richard Knight
Copyright 2005 Richard Knight

If you?ve been struggling to close prospects into joining your MLM Opportunity or even to go to a website or go to a conference call to get more information then you HAVE to read this article.

In order to effectively close prospects into taking the action that you want them to take, you will always have to accomplish 1 thing first.

During every prospecting call, you always want to ?Hit Your Prospects Hot Buttons?. But more specifically, you always want to hit their ?Pain and Pleasure Buttons?.

And here are a few tips you can use to ?Make Your Prospects Beg To Join Your MLM Opportunity.

First, you always want to know what ?Pain? your prospect is having in their life (their Pain button). Remember, your prospect filled out that form ?for more information about a home based business? to get rid of a ?Pain? in their life that?s brining them down in one way shape or form.

This pain could range anywhere from being in credit card debt to having creditors harassing them each and every day. Your prospect?s pain comes in all different shapes and sizes and it?s your job to find out what it is.

Next thing you want to do is hit your prospect?s pleasure button. All you have to do is let your prospect visualize the ?pleasures or goals? they?re trying to achieve through a home business.

Your prospect?s pleasure button can be anything from finally taking that dream vacation to being able to pay for their daughter?s wedding. Just like they?re pain button, your prospect?s pleasure button comes in all different shapes and sizes, so be careful because sometimes your prospect will let you know the ?real? reason they filled out that form ?their hidden pleasure? and you'll really have to pay attention to notice it.

So the next time you pick up that phone to call a prospect or even if you?re an email prospector, always find your prospect?s ?Pain & Pleasure buttons?. Because I guarantee the prospector who tells that struggling father of two ?If I could show you how to pay for your daughters wedding (their Pleasure Button) and help you get out of credit card debt in the next 7 months rather than the next 10 years (their Pain Button) would that be worth 22 minutes of your time?? will always get better results than the newbie MLM?er who says ?How would you like to make $5,000 in the next 30 days??

Always remember to hit your prospect?s ?Pain and Pleasure Buttons? and you'll have your prospects begging to join your MLM Opportunity in no time.

About the author:
This article has been written by Richard Knight, founder of 45 Second Prospecting. Richard offers a free newsletter filled with Fresh Tips, Tricks and Simple Strategies that?ll boost your residual income and your MLM profits even if you?ve thought about throwing in the towel ? Sign up for his FREE newsletter today. . .

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