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Essay > Descriptive Essay.

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by: Jessica Johnson, jr

A descriptive essay is aimed at describing an object, phenomenon or event. A description process may be conducted through the introduction of examples, utilization of expressive language, comparison with some other objects, description of the personal sensations about the described object or any other technique that discloses peculiarities of a described object, phenomenon or event in a vivid and comprehensible way.

While writing a descriptive essay, it is necessary to remember that virtually every object, phenomenon, or event can be viewed from different angles by different individuals. To this reason, it is necessary to start with obvious features of a described object, and afterwards disclose as many of its peculiar features as possible. It is ultimately important to keep the reader of a descriptive essay interested in the discussed object by introduction of the most interesting features in a lively manner and by emphasizing the object?s remarkable features. The writer should display his own opinion about the subject and thus form the reader?s impression.

Introductory paragraph should include brief description of an object, starting with general features, continued with peculiar ones and finalized by the thesis statement. Body paragraphs should include more detailed description of the stated features, and the conclusion should summarize the stated information or restate the previously formulated thesis with consideration of peculiarities stated within the body paragraphs.

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