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Expository Essay.

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by: Jessica Johnson, jr

The purpose of an expository essay is to represent objectively the opinions of other individuals or describe some event or situation. More widely, exposition is a systematic written interpretation or explanation of a specific topic. The writer of an expository essay should demonstrate systematic analysis of the studied topic and explain the essential points using illustrative examples and drawing appropriate analogies. The process of exposition should include an in-depth analysis of available materials, including the identification of primary ideas, theses and facts. Exposition also includes the expanded interpretation of the studied material, including consideration of other materials within the selected field. The writer should state the selected information clearly and professionally, taking into account the specificity of the addressed auditorium. Information should be sufficient and irrefragable.

An expository essay requires a fundamental analysis of available information and formulation of the clear and specific thesis statement. An introductory paragraph should be followed by the supporting paragraphs that reinforce and expound the thesis statement logically and distinctly. A concluding paragraph should restate the thesis statement in an original way and contain no new factual material. The writer should use transitional sentences between all paragraphs to make the essay solid.

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