A Golf Fitness Coach Equals Great Golf.
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Golf > A Golf Fitness Coach Equals Great Golf.

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by: Mike Pedersen
Golf fitness coach. Have you ever considered one?and if so, what exactly were you looking for? There are many ?general fitness? trainers trying to get a piece of the golf fitness and training market that seems to be rapidly gaining exposure both on the television and in print thanks to Tiger, Vijay and Annika.

But the first thing you need to consider when looking into hiring a golf fitness coach or program is the trainers experience in golf.

Yes?that is high on the list of requirements. Does he/she know golf? Do they know the biomechanics of the golf swing? How about muscle function during the golf swing?

An easy test is during the initial interview or if you?re researching it online is to either ask very golf specific swing technique questions or take a look at the information on the website. You'll find out real quick if this person or program can help your golf swing, game and health.

A golf fitness coach or program should incorporate strength, flexibility, endurance, body awareness, balance, stability and even a nutrition component.

It?s easy for a trainer to have a strength component?but is it specific to golf? A quick test. Take a look at some of the exercises. Are any of them on seated machines for instance? If they are?run! This is NOT a golf fitness coach and/or program. This is considered ?general fitness?.

Now stretching. There are dozens of stretches for all people. But take a look at some of them. Do they even remotely look like they will benefit your golf swing?

Stretches involving trunk flexibility lower back hamstring and even shoulders specific to the mechanics of the swing are what you want. General stretches are better than nothing, but will delay your results. You want specific stretches.

Body awareness. Does any of the exercises resemble golf positions or phases of the swing? Do they look like you would be on your feet and in your golf posture? As stated above, if they are seated on machines, your body will learn nothing in regards to your golf swing.

Training your body specific to golf incorporates positions almost identical to what your body would be in during any part of the golf swing.

Stability. Training your body to improve stability in your swing can get a little complex if you really want to see results. The swing happens at between 80-100 miles an hour. One of the biggest flaws of amateur golfers is moving in their golf swing.

Moving either laterally (sliding), vertically (up and done) or both. This is death to your golf swing. To improve your stability involves specific strength drills most trainers don't even know about.

I could go on-and-on about the requirements of a golf fitness coach or program. It is critical you make the right decision. I have heard horror stories of golfers working with ?so-called? golf fitness experts and their game getting worse. With the proper research this won?t happen to you. So definitely consider a golf fitness coach.

About The Author: Mike Pedersen is one of the top golf fitness swing trainers in the country, author and founder of several cutting-edge online golf fitness sites. Take a look at his just released golf fitness dvds and manual at his golf swing trainer site - Perform Better Golf.

The golf swing is a physically demanding movement. Until golfers realize this, their pursuit of the perfect swing will never be achieved. Mike Pedersen is President/CEO Perform Better Golf which offers golf training dvds, manual and equipment. Get Mike's free Fit To A Tee ebook by subscribing at http://www.performbettergolf.com <

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