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Health insurance > Health Insurance and health care.

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by: Mike Yeager
Health insurance is something that everyone needs today. The rising cost of visiting a health care provider or a hospital stay makes it imperative that everyone have some type of health care coverage. Government statistics estimate that over 40 million people in America are not covered by any type of health insurance on any given day. That's an enormous number of people who really are taking a financial risk.

Even if you're on a tight, limited budget, it's very important that you pick up some kind of affordable health insurance. Even if you only have a plan that covers unexpected hospitalization, your peace of mind will be greatly enhanced. Keep in mind that a catastrophic health insurance policy can come with a high deductible before their coverage kicks in. They don't pick up the cost of preventive physician visits or emergency room visits to get a few stitches.

Some questions to ask when considering affordable health insurance.

1) Can your and/or your family afford to pay ALL your medical expenses if you're sick or injured?

2) How much is the deductible?

3) How much are the premiums?

With a little searching and comparison shopping you find the best rate for your personal affordable health insurance.

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Mike Yeager

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