Discover the enormous shift that the Net is about to experience in the next 5 years.....
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Discover the enormous shift that the Net is about to experience in the next 5 years....

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by: KMS Video News
...And how you can easily profit from it!

Here are the five simple steps to take for on-line success:

1. Get your customers to trust you

As every business owner knows, clients are the lifeblood of your e-business. You can be the best practitioner of your craft in the world, but without customers, all your study and training can mean zilch!

I'm sure you already know, from personal experience, that people don't want to do business with just anyone. They want good solid service from people who have been there, done that. If you can provide valuable advice to your prospects, you can be sure that they will begin to trust you and develop a RELATIONSHIP with you.

And just how do you position yourself as an expert? How do you gain their trust?

2. Testimonials

And not just any old testimonials, we're talking VIDEO testimonials.

Imagine this. What if you could get a super salesman to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks every year� a salesman who never gets sick or tired and all he/she does is direct hordes and hordes of targeted clients to your business? What if this salesman was also a satisfied client?

Don't even try to estimate the astounding value someone like this would bring to your business. And it can all be done with the power of video.

3. The Power of Video

Anyone can be a video producer, especially today. Technology has delivered the tools and there is an emerging group of people who know that (don't tell anyone this) video production is easy, if you have the right plan.

Don't just take my word for it, here's what the �big guns' of Internet marketing have to say on the topic of on-line video:

�Video and DVD has a high value to it and can be completed at a fairly low cost.�

You could purchase a Video editing card and a digital camcorder and begin creating your own video information products and testimonials. Video and DVD has a high-ticket value to it and is going to become more and more valuable as it is integrated into the Internet. Jo Han Mok CEO, Super Fast Profit Enterprise

�Joe, what do you see for the future of the Internet? Look for more video as bandwidth opens..." Joe Vitale

Now desktop video is a huge opportunity and you have the chance to leapfrog other businesses not as informed as you. You can visually show potential customers concrete evidence of: � A video sample of your product � The quality of your work � Satisfied clientele � Your customer back-up and support mechanisms

Everyday businesses are looking for an edge. A way to distinguish themselves from the competition. And now getting your business message to the masses in a cost-effective manner is possible. Yes� possible. And you can be the video producer that does it, the ultimate DIY (do it yourself)!

4. The Right Plan

Most people think that it takes big bucks to produce video for business. The inside secret is that you can produce quality online or offline video productions with a relatively small investment - and having the right plan that can take you step-by-step through the process is a crucial component. Here are the steps I suggest you should follow:

1. Get yourself a digital video camera 2. Learn how to use it to produce �compelling' video of satisfied clientele. This sounds obvious, but it can be where the majority of operators �drop the ball'. (Learn the techniques at 3. Engineer cost effective solutions to produce professional production values (in particular the areas of lighting and audio). 4. Polish your production with your desktop editing system. 5. Distribute your message to your clients and potential customers on video tape, DVD or via e-mail

And the list of online superstars who see that linking the power of video with the delivery and reach of the Internet as the way of the future is growing daily:

�What innovative marketing approaches are you using? One of the most exciting things we've done recently is to put an actual video online..." Mark Joyner

Jim Edwards is another Internet marketer jumping on the video bandwagon. A journalist by trade, Jim's primary medium for delivering his message has been print. He now provides his message in video format online.

5. Understand Your Audience

One of the reasons for the preference of video is because you can share a greater amount of information in a shorter time.

Understand this:

� FACT: The majority of people are auditory and visual learners � hungry for information but, � are time poor.

If you understand this, you'll realize why so many Internet marketers (we're talking about top-flite, successful Internet marketers) are turning to online video to convey their message.

If you, at present, market your business online, take advantage of the current shift to the way information is delivered on the Internet. You still have the opportunity to separate yourself from the majority of on-line marketers and that's where the little guys win.

Bottom line�

Whether you're using a web-cam, video camera or a professional broadcast camera the same basic rules of filming apply. Easy to learn and so simple to apply, but can ruin a video if not followed.

So don't allow your important business message to get lost in a jumble of poorly composed images. Apply the basics and deliver the right message to your target audience.

Visit for more information

Mark Sturge, web master at and owner of KMS Productions. Mark has been filming, editing and producing videos and television productions since 1997 Professional Video Editor & Author Nerissa Oden says ""Mark Sturge has created an awesome way to learn the tricks to shooting great videos"--watch it RIGHT NOW:

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