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by: Variety Access Hobbies
Any investor knows not to put all of his or her “eggs” into one basket, or all of your money into one fund or stock account. If all of your funds are in one stock, the risk is great that the one stock account could go down and you would lose all of your money. If you spread your investments out into many different funds or accounts, if one account goes bad, it does not create drastic adverse affects on your total funds. The losses and the gains will balance out and as long as the economy is going well, your money will grow. I find it is useful to apply the same philosophy in our daily lives.

One of my favorite quotes is, “Variety is the spice of life.” If you put your whole life into one thing, one hobby or one interest, or one friendship, you are taking a great risk. Problems and struggles in life are inevitable. Relationships can end, friends can be lost, interests can change or ambitions may fail. Such experiences can lead one, who has invested all he or she has into something, to feel that all is lost. They can feel hopeless. They can feel like a failure. As I said, such experiences are inevitable in life, but they do not have to drag one down the way they do. The trick is to learn to manage such experiences more effectively.

One way to manage the inevitable bad experiences in life is to create a variety od other good experiences to fall back on. By having a variety of interests, a variety of goals, or a variety of hobbies, as in investing, one bad experience will not hurt so bad or cause someone to feel like they have lost everything. Like investing, the good and bad experiences can balance one another. Hobbies can be good experiences that people can create; they can have control over creating good experiences in their lives that can outweigh the bad.

My suggestion to everyone is to sit down, think of a variety of things or hobbies that you love, enjoy, or that make you happy, and systematically go after each one of them. Learn to play a musical instrument, the guitar or the piano or whatever interests YOU. Learn a new sport or yard game to play outside with friends. Find of a line of books or topics of books that interest you and begin reading them. You will be surprised how fast finally doing things YOU enjoy, or helping others find hobbies THEY enjoy, will make your life seem so much better. One more thing, in case anyone ever really reads this. I am not advocating getting a variety of romantic relationships; that will obviously just ruin every one of them, rather find a variety of interests that you both have and do them together.

If you can learn anything you can learn everything. It just takes time and commitment. Why not commit to the things that make you happy. Think what practicing the guitar or piano for just half an hour a day will do. The difference between knowledge and ignorance on a topic is only a book away. The difference between failing and succeeding is getting up and trying.

At Variety Access, your online hobby store and more, we provide the tools for you to pursue YOUR interests and YOUR hobbies. We provide the tutorials to learn a new hobby and find all of the things necessary to pursue that new hobby, from books to games and sports equipment to camping and outdoor gear and to musical instruments. Meet other people who share your interests and learn from them through our online forums or newsletters. Do not let another bad day go by again.

Peter Jay is the Owner/President and CEO of Variety Access - Your online hobby store and more. For more information about hobbies, hobby products, or Variety Access, go to


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