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by: James Robert
TEL: 1-3473288862
E-mail: [email protected]
From the Desk of Mr. James Robert

Philips Consulting And Recruitment Company, pursuant to the service contract with Nigeria Oil, Gas, Petroleum Companies
intends to Invite experienced and reputable persons having prime experience and capable of providing building and ground maintenance support services (as individuals or in a team).

You are liable to contact The project Co-Ordinator of Nigeria National
Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) for any confirmation from (N N P C) in
regards to the project at hand through as follows:
[email protected] or [email protected] The ideal candidates will have commercial acumen and people skills, and must be forward thinking, flexible, committed and passionate. Must demonstrate previous experience from within a similar role. This mail
is been sent to you, so as to confirm your application for the project. If you are interested in the offer please select one of the skill sets below, in which you feel you can work well. We would not be giving contractors a telephone interview due to logistics, so a personal interview is scheduled to hold one on one as soon as you resume for
duty. Contractors should be aware that as soon as we receive your CV,
you will eventually be qualified basically based on your CV and your work experiences and we will automatically get back to you soonest as soon as you are been shorlisted due to the limited time factor before the date of resumption for duty. Contractors are hereby mandated to respond to this email as soon as possible because the project will eventually be proceeding on the 6th of March, 2005. In Respect to this offer if interested, you are required to contact the project Co-Ordinator, Mr. Oscar Smith of Project Procurement Company. [email protected] or [email protected]

Project Procurement Company is a company that is well known to Advocate
Recruitment Company (ARC). Mr. Oscar Smith as the project coordinator will assist you and expeditiously facilitate all necessary requirements. Company will be expected to act on your behalf and lease with our company were relevant, as such you are to forward your passport copy to the company. Expenses incurred, in respect to the procurement of your working and residential permit must be substantiated with receipt and this should be forwarded to me for later reinembursement after 14 days of procurement. You are to receive the hard copies of the contract terms and agreement and also your working and residential permit altogether, it will be delivered through diplomatic courier services to your various designated addresses respectively. All relevant information of client should be forwarded to the Recruitment Company?s email contact as follows ones again for confirmation because we got your contact from Total jobs for recruitment of qualified expatriates for the project at hand and your CV has been gone through and moreover, we qualify clients basically on their CV and work experiences:

James Robert -- CEO and head of recruitment
E-mail: [email protected]

This is the preview of the contract terms and agreement as follows
referred to all the skill set below:


1.0 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: We are pleased to inform you of Advocate
Recruitment approval for your provision of building and ground maintenance consulting services. The management of Advocate Recruitment Company here wishes to present to you the following terms of contract.
CONTRACT PERIOD: You shall resume for duty on the 6th of March, 2005.

ENTITLEMENTS: All salary and expense figures shall be in U.S. Dollars (USD).

SALARY: Expatriates shall be entitled to a Net Salary of US$270,000.00 in six (6) months. This salary shall be paid monthly at US$30,000.00. Work time shall be 40 hours workweek for the 26 weeks contract term.
Any work performed beyond the normal 40 hrs a week, work time, shall be due for an overtime benefit to be paid at $300.00 per hour.

LODGING: First class accommodation will be provided.

TRAVEL: US$3,000.00 flat rate travel/entertainment allowance, shall be paid to employee by employer for each intercontinental trip.

MEDICAL EXPENSES: Employer will provide employee with comprehensive healthcare for the term of contract, and follow-on care for injuries suffered during the term of contract.

VACATION : Employees shall be authorized two weeks of paid vacation during the term of the contract.

Office Assets: Employees are entitled to a lab top.

LOCAL TRANSPORT : Vehicles and other means of transport shall be adequately provided for.

MOBILIZATION: the first monthly salary and other entitlement shall be paid in arrears before consultants embark on journey to assume duty.
The contract terms will be well stated and expanciated by the agency in the hard copies that will be forwarded to you through courier services.
I have reproduce relevant parts of the documents for your confirmation.

Mr.James Robert
Ceo and head of recruitment,
Philips Consulting And Recruitment Company.


Knowledge, Abilities and Skills: Requires comprehensive knowledge of:
The various crafts associated with mechanical operation and maintenance aspects of large plant machinery and equipment; building maintenance and repair practices and procedures and the operation and maintenance requirements of associated machinery and equipment including heating, ventilating, electrical and other utility equipment used in the repair and maintenance of public buildings and equipment, maintenance, repair and upkeep of adjacent grounds. Requires considerable ability to: Plan, organize and direct a comprehensive building and operational maintenance program including the development of maintenance standards; coordinate maintenance services with the operation of other building services and activities; work effectively with administrative personnel, subordinate supervisory employees, and representatives of outside agencies and groups.

Training and Experience: Requires completion of high school, supplemented by at least 6-10 years of progressively responsible experience in building maintenance and repair work and in the maintenance, repair and operation of a wide variety of associated mechanical, electrical, ventilating, heating and related machinery; or an equivalent combination of training and experience.

About the author:
Philips Consulting And Recruitment Company, pursuant to the service contract with Nigeria Oil, Gas, Petroleum Companies
intends to Invite experienced and reputable persons having prime experience and capable of providing building and ground maintenance support services (as individuals or in a team).

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