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Mobile SMS Basics.

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by: Joe Macon

Man is a social animal. This feature instigates him to develop sundry ways to communicate with his fellow beings. From pigeons to postmen, from small messages on bits of paper to lengthy love letters and telegrams?we have now have a smart and trouble-free method to interact with our friends living even in farthest corner of the world. This technique is of mobile SMS or the Short Messaging Service.

The Basics of SMS

In the age when science is dominating the world, SMS via our mobile phones is a boon of technology. We simply type a text message in the ?write message? section of our mobile. This message can be formal or informal. But every phone has a fixed limit of number of characters that can be written. For instance, some have it at 160, while others allow you to type 190 characters on a single page. Once through with writing, we send the message to its desired destination by entering the number of that individual?s cell phone. As soon as the message is delivered, it is signaled by a delivery report. The instant conveyance of message depends on the network of the company whose mobile connection we have.

The Merits of SMS

1. Cost effectiveness- the foremost wonderful aspect of text messaging is its inexpensiveness. While an international call made to say hello, exchange greetings or for any such reason will cost you several dollars, an SMS will do the same job in a significantly smaller amount.

2. Comfort- text message is perhaps the most convenient way to communicate. It enables you to chat with your friends and relatives anywhere anytime. The abbreviated coded text message language is pleasing and time saving.

3. Express your opinion- didn?t you vote via an SMS to your favorite singer in American Idol? SMS is an excellent way to state your choice in matters of public concern. SMS also gives us a chance to win numerous contests happening on TV.

4. Spontaneity- another remarkable feature of text messaging is the speed with which it connects us to people. SMS surpasses the oceans and seas and reaches its target in a few seconds. Text messages can be written and sent while you going to the office, sitting idle in a bus, waiting for a cab, having your meal or even watching television.

The Drawbacks of SMS

1. Text messaging can be addictive especially in case of children. Excess of messaging not only contributes to your cell phone?s monthly bill but it also results in lack of concentration in studies. Porn pictures and clips sent as SMS steer the budding minds in wrong direction.

2. Though SMS has an edge over making phone calls yet it might not serve us with the authentic situation of the person concerned. X might write of his being fine while he is unwell. Whereas speaking to someone over the phone, by and large makes you aware of his actual condition.

3. SMSes are liable to failure due to network problems and the like.

About The Author

Joe Macon writes about a variety of technology topics, but focuses on mobile SMS. Learn more at

This article was posted on September 27, 2005 <

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