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Greed or Love?.

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by: Jeffrey Broobin
Prenuptial agreements, might help you and your partner is a lot happier and Prepared For Marriage, because they allow us to learn about each other, make each other feel more comfortable about issues that are of concern, clarify money concerns, and talk about how we can make our marriage work. Writing the contract is a communication process. It is not an exercise in distrust. It is good estate planning. A prenuptial agreement is what it says; it's before the marriage, and it becomes in effect once you marry. On the other hand, once you're married you can still get a legal contract called a Post-Nuptial Agreement. It's very important to note that any time you Change Jurisdictions; you must verify that your legal documents are valid in the new state where you live. Our marriage is our responsibility. Roles Are Changing, situations are changing, and the traditional marital structure is not working, as evidenced by the 50% failure rate. But does saying, "Honey, I love you, sign here," contribute to a loving relationship? It forces you not to just talk over the issues, but to come to the realization and then agreement on how you want to handle your marital life, including issues of money. If, for example, one partner makes a great deal more money than the other, how are they going to feel as equal partners in decision-making? They can decide that they'll give, for example, equal percentages into the Marriage Bank Account and there are other is-sues, too - and all this can be written up in the prenuptial agreement. What happens if one person is the primary childcare provider and because of that cannot spend as much time on career advancement? How is that person going to feel during the 10 years when he/she is spending more time with the children than the other? Resentment can build. The Prenuptial Agreement can help you reflect those kinds of concerns.

About the author:
Jeffrey Broobin is a free-lance writer on family and finance issues; his main goal is to help people during their complicated period of life.
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