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Mailing list > The Best Things In Life Are Free, EVEN Your Mailing Lists!.

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by: Janette Haugen
Direct mail marketing can be expensive for the business owner, if they are targeting the wrong audience. The process can be frustrating to everyone that multiple thousands of businesses give up on viable direct mail campaigns, leaving tens of millions of dollars in unsold revenue to their competitors. The single most important factor? Your mailing lists.

After experiencing much of the frustration myself, I became a self-taught marketeer on promotion through direct mail and set up my own company that specializes in direct mail postcard marketing & printing. One of my best and biggest secrets? How to get the freshest, most accurate mailing lists for Free. It?s not that hard, really.

If you already have a client or customer list then that is the best list to work with. However, if you don't, here?s what you need to ask yourself, who would want or need my products or services?

Choosing the most effective mailing lists can be difficult, if you mail to the wrong target audience you are just wasting your time and money.

The advantage of having an effective mailing list is that you are now able to reach your best potential new customers, therefore getting your message to them, creating leads and sales.

Most companies just starting out have a marketing budget, and it?s not always a big budget. So I suggest that if you?re trying to reach other businesses in your area that you march on down to your local City Hall and get the current list of ?New Business Licenses?. Some cities have a small processing fee they will charge you for the list, while a growing number of cities now offer them online for free. Our first list from City hall cost a whopping $7, now it?s free on-line every month.

These free lists aren?t limited to Business to Business List, Business to Consumer lists are also free. A local client of ours who has a Handyman business needed to market his services to homeowners. We suggested that he go down to the Property Appraisers Office to get the free current list of ?New Home Owners? for that month, instead of spending the little money he did have for promotion on just the mailing list. He followed our suggestion, ordered postcards, and found himself receiving several calls which kept him busy for months.

Your local City Hall and Property Appraisers Office is a gold mine of information and often times businesses just don't realize that this data is public information and can be obtained for a minimal fee and often times for free. These are the freshest most accurate lists available.

I?ve grown my own company on these lists, and you can too.

About the author:
Janette Haugen, age 34, first and foremost mother of 1, step-mother of 2, wife, animal lover and business owner. Coming from a large family of 8 kids, I learned the value of a dollar early on. Now that I am a business owner I can help other businesses with my frugal marketing tips, that is something that I enjoy. To find out about direct mail marketing with postcards, or general printing needs call us anytime at 866-492-2737 or visit us at

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