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by: Michael A Fowler, M.B.A.
All across the Internet can be heard...

The tooting of the marketing bird...

?Make money at home...?

Is his hue and cry...

While we hang the others out to dry,

?You can succeed; we?ll show you how...?

That?s my Guarantee... My solemn vow...

?Just get in quick... Forget the rest...?

This business is the very best...

?Make money on the Inter-net...

? Take care of your family and your pet...

?You'll make millions within a week...?

Hear me now... no lies I speak...

?Make money online...?

No better way...

?To make money, night and day...?

?Just think about all those vacations...?

Visiting strange tribes and nations...

?No more working 9 till 5...?

Like a Bee stuck in a hive...

?The Internet is the easy way...?

To earn more money, every day.

About the author:

Michael A Fowler, M.B.A. is the editor of the Internet's premier work at home resource: Work from Home Journal.
An Online Trainer, Mentor and Coach, Michael has been helping people to succeed online since 1998.
http://www.the-mba-way.com | Goldcard43@aol.com

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