Your iPod is a fantastic mp3 player: but it can do so much more...
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Your iPod is a fantastic mp3 player: but it can do so much more..

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by: Johnathan Crews
This ebook will show you how to use your iPod to its MAXIMUM. Use it as a PDA, a bootable hard drive, back-up your computer, and to record voice notes.

This eBook is also your iPod's missing manual. Solve problems such as freezes, crashes, poor battery capacity, working with multiple machines, updating its firmware.

Don't spend hours and hours surfing the internet to find the answer to your problem: just look it up in this ebook.

Take this quick quiz:

1. Are you using your iPod to back up your important files (from your PC or Mac or BOTH!), boot your Mac, copy music to other people's Machines, and store your contacts and notes?

2. Do you know how to restart your iPod after it's crashed or frozen and how to update its software?

3. Are you getting frustrated with the limited battery life but don't know how to maximise it?

4. Do you know how to connect your iPod to your car radio, home stereo and DVD player?

5. Do you know what iPod accessories are available and what they do?

6. Do you know what iPod software is available for both PCs and Macs?

7. Do you know how to change the battery in your iPod?

8. Do you know what to do if you accidentally erase your iPod's hard drive?

9. Do you know how to use your iPod with two different machines?

10. Did you know you can replace your ipod's hard drive or perform other iPod hacks?

Did you answer "No" to any of these questions? If so, you will find plenty of useful information in this ebook that will show you how you can use your iPod for a myriad of tasks and what to do when things go wrong.

Why was this ebook written?

When I bought my first iPod, I spent days trying to learn how to use it properly and to get it syncing with MUSICMATCH. It didn't work! I consulted the little booklet that Apple ships with an iPod. That didn't help much. So, I trawled the net to find solutions to all the problems I was having. It wasn't easy! I found a range of different sites that had snippets of information, but it was often difficult to find exactly what I was looking for. v After changing software (to iTunes), solving some freezing problems, updating my iPods firmware, and discovering how to use the one iPod with both my Mac and PC, I am now crazy about my iPod and can't imagine music without it. I thought that other people were probably experiencing some similar frustrations and might benefit from learning how to solve common problems with a minimum of effort.

As I began to master my iPod, I also learnt about all the other things you could do with an iPod, as well as the range of third party software designed to maximise the utility of your iPod. Basically, I learnt a lot. So, I thought it might be useful to write it down: put all this information in the one spot to make it easy for people to enjoy their iPod from Day 1 and, once they have mastered the basics, to learn how to do a whole stack of other things with their iPod. Or, if you've already got an iPod, then this ebook will help you to get the most from this technology.

What is in the ebooK?

In this ebook, you will learn:

how to update your iPod's software (Windows and Mac)

how to boot your Mac from your iPod (which is a great way to back up your Mac's hard disk and to make sure that if your hard drive ever fails, you aren't up the proverbial creek without a paddle) (Mac only).

how to troubleshoot your iPod (eg when it freezes or won't turn on, how to reset the PMU, when the touchwheel and buttons don't respond, when you've accidentally erased your iPod's drive).

how to use your iPod to store data (such as word files, pictures, movies) (Windows and Mac).

how to maximise your iPod's battery capacity and what to do if you still need more (Windows and Mac).

how to synchronise your contacts, calendar and email between your Mac/PC and your iPod (Windows and Mac).

how to store notes on your iPod (Windows and Mac) including using scripts to automate these processes (Mac only).

how to use your iPod to DJ.

what you need to use your iPod as a voice recorder (so you can tape lectures, meetings, interviews or just make voice memos for yourself) (Windows and Mac).

what you need to turn your iPod into a multi-media card reader (Windows and Mac).

how to play music until you sleep and how to use your iPod to wake you up again (Windows and Mac).

how to use your iPod with your home stereo system, dvd player or car stereo to have all your music with you wherever you are (Windows and Mac).

how to copy songs from your iPod to your Mac or PC (Windows and Mac).

how to use your iPod with multiple Machines (Windows and Mac).

how to replace your iPod's battery (Windows and Mac).

how to replace your iPod's hard drive (Windows and Mac).

what software is available for your iPod, what does it do, where can you find it and where can you find more (Windows and Mac).

I spent hours and hours of my holidays just learning how to do some basic things with my iPod (and I've been using computers for nearly 20 years). I had a few freezes and crashes, the battery didn't seem to want to charge and I couldn't get songs to transfer from my music software onto the iPod. Arrgghh! It drove me crazy. So, I set my sights on learning as much about the iPod as I could, to make sure I got value for money. I finally have and I love my iPod. Don't waste the time I did.

About the author:
Jonathan Crews is a successful affiliate marketer. Download Now

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