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by: Al Walker
Are you frustrated with your network marketing business?

Imagine for a moment that you worked in the hi-tech world and you knew everything about the internet, you knew all about computers and internet-marketing and you walked away from that to join a Network Marketing Company? Then you think to yourself, wait a second?what if we could marry that hi-tech with the hi-touch of Network Marketing and I'd never have to do any of those things that I used to do in the hi-tech world. I don't want to go to meetings anymore. I don't want to wear a tie. I don't want to hear an alarm clock. I want to sit at home in my shorts and t-shirt on my time, on my dime and do it the way I want to do it and that's online.

Imagine that you had never gone to a single hotel meeting or given a face to face presentation. Yet you'd built a team in 13 different countries and became the number one sponsor for the last 2 years running in an organization of over 100,000 people in all of the United States.

It's called Technology Empowered Network Marketing and last month I had the privilege of hearing the man who did this speak to a select group of captivated marketers. They had come from all over the world to hear how he'd built a million dollar business completely online, with online tools, the internet and the telephone.

The following is a unique and revealing interview with him about Internetwork-marketing. His name and company are not mentioned here because it's not important. These techniques can be adapted by anyone, for any online product.

Me: Thanks for meeting with me today. Do you mind if I record this?

Him: Not at all

Me: You talked about sorting. You called it separating the serious from the curious. Can you elaborate on that?

Him: Spending the right amount of time with the right people and the least amount as possible with the people that aren't serious is very important. You have to go through a ton of rubble to find an ounce of gold. So why not let your system do all of this sorting for you so you have more time to spend on more important things?

When your system does the sorting 80% of the work is already done for you. A powerful system will welcome the visitor, find out what they are looking for and take them through the basics of having a homebased business. It will also educate them about the industry, invite them to an online webcast presentation and show the visitor how to make money as fast as possible. My system actually notifies me when each of these important steps has been completed.

The right system can enroll a new business partner, train and introduce them to a system they can use themselves.

Me: So they get to see how well it works even before they join you?

Him: Exactly. People join systems. They look for systems they can see themselves doing. Systems that will bring them success and make them money.

Me: In your talk you mentioned how important it is to find the right company and the right team. How did you know you had the RIGHT TEAM?

Him: Well, before I left my job in Corporate America I was tired and very burned out. It wasn't just the work, it was the stressful lifestyle as well. I did my due diligence and found a publicly traded company that made sense and was a good fit for me. I then called the company and asked for their best rep in my area.

After getting all the information online in a timely manner, I contacted the representative from the number on his site and asked him what the next step to get started was. He asked me if I'd like to go to a presentation with more details about the business and I said: "Sure where do we have to meet?" He answered, How about right at your desk? It takes about 45 minutes.
I was still thinking that he was going to come over to my house when he said: "No, you can watch it on a "live" web-cast right on your computer. What's better for you 6pm or tomorrow at noon?"

He clarified that he did everything online and that I could do the same. This made a lot of sense to me and was my introduction to the best way I have found to build a Network Marketing business.

Now, the only time I actually meet my business partners is at the company's annual convention. They come up to shake my hand only because they recognize my voice from our occasional telephone conversations.

Me: That's incredible! You're shaking hands on the Internet.

Him: Yep! In 5 weeks I made my money back. In 4 months I went full-time and in less than 9 months I was up to six figures. After that I streamlined my system, shared it with my team and made them all wealthy as well!

Me: Would you still have been interested if he'd done things the traditional way, like taking you to a hotel meeting?

Him: Maybe, but I don't think so. There's nothing wrong with traditional Network Marketing, it just isn't for me. I have some stereotype hang-ups like most people. I don't like to talk face to face, I'm shy and I hate getting dressed up. Believe me, there's a lot of people like me out there.

I never have to approach my friends and family and I don't have to dress, walk or talk any certain way. Working online removes all the nonsense. Like, gender, race, age, weight, dress. It also eliminates the driving, meetings, hard work and getting ready?is my tie on straight? (laughing)

Me: Most companies out there already have internet tools like websites, flash presentations and voicemail. Can you tell us more about your system? Why does it work so well?

Him: Well, I figured out a system that puts hundreds of fresh business-builders into my business each year and it's simple so that anyone can learn it. It's a 4 step process:

1. Attend an online Webcast
2. Get Started
3. Train
4. Invite others to the Webcast

Then we track from the backend to see where people are in the system.
They usually contact us. It's that simple.

Me: People actually call you to get started?

Him: All the time but understand that not everyone wants to get involved and that's fine. Somebody has to wash the cars and work at McDonald's (laughing) There's never a wrong prospect-Just the wrong time for a prospect.

Me: Anything else?

Him: Something we have built into our system is what we call a third-party presence. Our system recommends it's owner as a lifestyle coach. This recommendation is made by a well-known success expert so the visitor can feel confident and assured that all the information will be presented honestly and in full.

When a well-known author or businessperson is presented as your partner and shares some highly-educational and motivating advice BEFORE introducing you to the new visitor. Everything gets off on the right track from the beginning.

If we take the focus off ourselves, people can listen clearly (without hype) to what's being said and make an educated decision for themselves. Your system should definitely help this happen.

Me: Where do you think people are going wrong with their network marketing online?

Well here's a few things to keep in mind:

1. Don't send people to your company's all-in-one website. It's like going to the new Spielberg movie and knowing that there are 20 scenes going to be shown and you can pick which order to see them in. Would the movie make any sense to you? I doubt it. That's what's happening out there.

2. Beware of companies that just want to sell you leads. There's nothing more frustrating than calling people who were hoping to win an X-box.

3. Don't inundate people with 17 emails in one week and 27 different websites. Present your company in a simple way with internet media.

4. Don't use the same approach and information for everyone. Find out what the person is looking for. Is it: Time Freedom, Wealth, Health, Fire their Boss? Once you know you can get them the information that pertains to their personal concern. Someone that wants to quit their job right away is not going to be interested in a new skincare line.

5. Use a courtesy call technique when you call someone. When the car service center gives a courtesy call to remind you that it's time to have your oil changed, you don't take offence do you? In fact, you're probably glad to hear from them. They're just doing you a favor and being helpful. That's how your return phone calls should be made.

6. Lead with the business and not the products. The fastest way to the big money is to find more people like yourself that want to do the business. Stop chasing the ambulance and concentrate on the Brinks truck.

Me: You were the Number One Sponsor of your company out of 100,000 associates in North America. How's does that feel?

Him: It feels great! This online system allows me to travel with my family whenever I want. Last month I took my family to Hawaii and while the kids were having a nap I just jumped on my laptop and saw that a fellow had been through our system and wanted me to call him. I stood out on the balcony overlooking the beach and when he answered I said this was just a courtesy call to get back with him. My autoresponder had shown me that he had been reviewing my information. How do you like our system, I asked him. Do you think that's something you could do? He answered yes but the best part is when I told him where I am (laughing) and that I'm looking at a beautiful beach with my wife and kids napping at 2 o'clock on a Wednesday afternoon. There's nothing better than living the lifestyle and showing others that it is possible. It's very rewarding!

Me: What about attrition and people quitting?

Him: There's always going to be people who don't follow through but our company did a study on my internet team and our attrition was very, very low. In fact, we retained over 87% of all our new people which astounded everyone. People like this system because this system likes people.

Me: Thanks so much sharing this amazing information with us. Any last words of wisdom?

Him: Marketing is defined as "creating an interest and then filling it." The secret to putting a Network Marketing business on autopilot is to actually use the technology curve to show your new visitor how easy things are done online.

Your next step? To take what you've just learned and put your new business on auto-pilot right away!

About the author:
Al Walker, makes it easy to launch a successful online business and rapidly build your wealth to a six-figure income. Learn the essential keys to online success. To receive your free 6-step mini-course visit:

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