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The Inspired Heart - <I>A Book Review</I>.

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by: C. Bailey-Lloyd/LadyCamelot
Spiritual food for the soul: Allow Jerry to take you on his magical and enlightening soul pilgrimage. As he invites you to accompany him along his life adventures, he introduces you to selfless acts of the deep, human spirit and his fascinating relationships. Often, by chance encounters, Jerry immerses the reader into impromptu stories of surrealistic wonder and actual life experiences.

From his friendship with two, elderly sages; or E.T., the street kid - Jerry's autobiography inspires the uninspired, captivates the soul and brings a vital spark to everyday monotony. Jerry illustrates and exhibits the simplest of miracles - through soul journey.

His words, "...In the shadow lands of life's most terrifying experiences, something inherently noble in the human heart unexpectedly enters in and renders the voices of good and evil mute..." Poetically expressed, Jerry's wisdomful words echo transcendental advice into the inner-knowing and evolutionary, inner-peace process.

Broken down into humankind's most simple form, Jerry withdraws from `normal' human existence to fully embrace life's spiritual side. (His eventful life, in my own opinion, equated to the life of the so-called Jerry in the film, Down and Out in Beverly Hills.) Noncomedically however, he lived purely off chance and engaged in most uninspiring conditions; and made do with what life had to offer - never complaining...only transforming.

A human, but humbling experience, Jerry relays how his internal transformation came full circle. A book that promotes personal growth and comprehension of the mortal experience, The Inspired Heart is an awe-inspiring, exceptional read. To learn more about Artist/Author Jerry Wennstrom or his novel, The Inspired Heart - An Artist's Journey of Transformation, feel free to visit his website at or if you would like more information about how to get your own copy of his book, visit The Inspired Heart.

The Inspired Heart - A Book Review
? Copyright 2005 - All Rights Reserved
By C. Bailey-Lloyd
Aka. LadyCamelot
Public Relations' Director &
Staff Writer

About the Author

C. Bailey-Lloyd
Aka. LadyCamelot
Public Relations' Director &
Staff Writer

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