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The History of the Vacuum Cleaner: Perfection has taken a bit of time!.

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by: chris vorelli
The first vacuum cleaner is thought to have been created in the United States, in the mid 1800?s. Today, the vacuum cleaner is found in just about every household in the world! It is depended upon to keep carpets and other floors clean and free of dirt/debris. In the time of the first vacuum cleaner, however, things were much more different!

Since the beginning of time, we have found some way to personalize and accessorize out living environment. For the most part, rugs and carpeting have been the number one choice to hide and protect original flooring. How do you think that those rugs were cleaned in the old days? There were no motorized vacuums, so the ?Spring Cleaning? time was used to remove all of the rugs so that they could be shaken and beaten. Usually, the housekeeper or homeowner would use a metal or wooden rod to beat out the dust and dirt, and then the rugs would be left to air out.

Today, however, many of us have become accustomed to using a motorized vacuum cleaner to do all of the hard work for us! The motorized vacuum came to us about 1907 and has undergone major improvements and modifications to become the vacuum that we use today!

Now, there are many, many vacuum cleaner manufacturers. There are a ton of different models, sizes, colors and prices associated with a vacuum cleaner. There are many different styles, including: upright, canister, shop, handheld, cordless, bagged, baggless, and even outdoor vacuums! No matter what you needs your vacuum will be required to meet, there?s a vacuum that is perfect for you! Shop online to find the largest selection and best prices of vacuum cleaners available!

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