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The Advantages of Corner Kitchen Sinks -.

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by: Jason Gluckman
If your kitchen is U-shaped or L-shaped, a corner kitchen sink is likely to increase your efficiency as it would be equidistant from your working platforms. A corner kitchen sink may be in the form of a round bowl, a rectangle, a square or even in a triangular form. You can opt for a custom-made sink made out of granite, stainless steel or copper to be a perfect fit for the kitchen corner of your choice.

A center-fit kitchen sink is preferred when your kitchen is galley-shaped. The central idea behind choosing the position of a sink is to make it most convenient for you to work. Remember, the sink plays a central role in all your kitchen activities, from the preparation of food to cleaning up after the meal.

A corner kitchen sink does not hinder movement within the floor area and allows you to work on the platform of the kitchen with easy access to the sink from either side. With manufacturers offering custom-made sinks, you have the freedom to decide on the number and shape of bowls, holes for faucets and placement of faucets (mounted on the sink or on the wall).

It is easier to find corner kitchen sinks made of stainless steel, copper, or granite than porcelain, as these are now also being custom made.

One needs to keep in mind the drainage system in the house to decide the position of the sink. The sink should be placed near the water inlet and outlet so that one need not add extra long pipes.

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