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The Benefits of Granite Kitchen Sinks -.

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by: Jason Gluckman
If you are looking for durability and easy-to-maintain features in your kitchen sink, then granite is the choice for you. Granite composite sinks resist the rigors of everyday life such as denting, cutting, chipping and staining.

Granite kitchen sinks are made of ultra durable granite composite material and virtually fade proof and solid color throughout. The longwearing, non-porous, non-absorbent granite surface resists scratching, chipping and staining and is heat resistant up to 535 degrees Fahrenheit.

Extremely high price tags are attached to these types of sinks, which are the most scratch resilient sinks that can be purchased today. This durability can be attributed to the compactness of rock particles that coat the surface. As is always the case with quartz composite, this material is not available in a shiny finish.

Granite kitchen sinks, with practical large bowls, come in various colors, including metallic colors.
There are single and double bowl versions of these kitchen sinks.

Bowls are available in different depths. Extra-deep bowls are great for soaking larger pots and roasters, but reduce the amount of space under your counter. Bowl depths range from 5? to 12?.

The placement of the drain in bowls varies. The most common is a center-drain. Some bowls are available with a rear-positioned drain, which offers more usable bowl space. Since the plumbing underneath is set further back, it also adds the benefit of additional under-counter cabinet storage.
Granite kitchen sinks are generally installed from underneath the counter and do not have a rim, so food and debris can be wiped directly into the sink. Any solid surface countertop of manmade material, natural stone or concrete will allow for an under-mounted sink installation. These recessed sinks are the most popular for their glamorous appeal and superior functionality.

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