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The Advantages of Wall Wine Racks -.

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by: Peter Emerson
Wall wine racks make it easy to store wine in tight spaces. Many wall wine racks are hanging wine racks. These can only hold a few wine bottles, but cost under $50 and have slots to hang stemware. Some, for about $20, can be attached under kitchen cabinets. One precaution: the kitchen is not the best place to store wines. Wines should be kept in cool, dark areas without strong odors.

Wall wine racks can easily be incorporated into wine cellars. Store wines that need less maturing time, or that you plan on drinking soon, in hanging wall wine racks. Line the walls with sturdy wine racks. You can attach wine racks together to create more space. Large wine racks are perfect for an expanding wine collection.

Make certain that your wall wine rack is firmly attached to wall studs, or else your whole wine collection could come crashing down!

Online storage system companies sell a variety of both metal and wood wall wine racks. Wood wine racks cost more to ship, however, because they weigh more. Be on the lookout for free shipping details.

You can also make your own simple wall wine rack for under $10. You'll need a table saw or jigsaw, a sander, a drill press, and about three hours. Look for free plans online.

Your wine storage system is not as important as where you store your wine. Never mount your wall wine rack in the sun or in the heat. This can cook the wine and spoil it. Always keep your wine in a dark, cool, slightly humid area. Basements, closets, and underneath stairs work well. A consistent environment is very important. Keep the temperature between 50 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Don't worry about the style of your wine rack. Worry about when you will have to drink the fantastic wines in your collection. Enjoy the wine collecting experience.

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