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The Bathroom?the forgotten area of your home?.

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by: Mike Yeager
The bathroom in your home is the one room that has undergone a complete transformation in the past several years. A transformation that is as far as how it is defined. Kitchens are to cook and eat in, living rooms are still for living and entertaining in and the garage still holds vehicles and junk (not to mention lot?s of tools). But the bathroom has evolved so far beyond its traditional functions that to truly reflect its current status in many homes, "spa room" or the "retreat" might be more appropriate names for it.

Too often, the bathroom comes in second to the kitchen when it comes to deciding on which home remodeling project should be done first. The kitchen has retained and even built upon its position as the focal point of the home and a center of both socialization and function. But the master bathroom is still stuck in its hygienic role and remains a private area that doesn't get as many opportunities to impress visiting guests. Couple that with the fact that a bathroom renovation can be nearly as involved and expensive as a kitchen makeover and you have the makings for procrastination.

Today's bathrooms, particularly those incorporated into master suites, are being designed and built to be a source of luxury and relaxation. After all, for many parents the master suite's bath may be the only room in the home where they can truly enjoy some private time for relaxation away from the kids.

The world can be a very stressful place and having a nice, relaxing bathroom where you can de-stress can be very important.

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