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When it Comes to Doors, Homeowners Want Privacy, Light.

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by: ARA
(ARA) - What do homeowners want in window and door blinds? Ease of maintenance and operation, privacy on the main living floor and window and door treatments that enhance their lifestyle and the look of their homes.

These are the research highlights gained by ODL, Inc., Zeeland, Mich., when developing the company?s newly-enhanced ODL Add-On Enclosed Blind that can be added on to fiberglass and steel doors.

?We really listened to homeowners,? says Keith Early, ODL product manager. ?Homeowners do not want to dust or clean blinds, they don't want blinds flopping around when a door is opened or closed and they don't want exposed cords that children can get tangled up in. What they do want are blinds that are easy to operate and are enclosed between layers of safety glass.

?The enhancements to our add-on door blinds accomplish all these goals -- plus they?re now 15 percent larger to maximize doorlight viewing area. And, if a homeowner wants, they can also paint the frame of the unit with acrylic latex enamel paint to accent the interior of the home.?

The ODL Add-On Enclosed Blinds offer consumers the option of an add-on door blind that increases energy efficiency within the home and allows fingertip controls for privacy and light flow. Sandwiched between two layers of tempered safety glass, the lightweight aluminum blinds do not swing or bind, and there are no exposed cords which means increased safety in the home. New fingertip controls running up and down the left side of the unit allow people of all heights (including children!) to easily open, close and tilt the blinds to any level to encourage either maximum light flow or total privacy in the home.

Available as interior additions to steel and fiberglass full-view doors, the blinds are fast and easy for even novice DIYers to install. The installation process is totally screwless and can be completed in just minutes. The units come in six different sizes to fit half doors, full doors, half sidelights and full sidelights, and feature a five-year limited warranty.

?These sleek blind units can enhance the look of any door in the home,? says Early. ?Homeowners find them most appealing when added to kitchen doors, patio and deck doors, garage access doors and on sidelights connected with front entryways. Basically, any location where a consumer wants to easily control privacy and light flow, that?s the ideal place for adding on an ODL Add-On Enclosed Blind. Also, homeowners wanting to gain even more privacy to their decorative glass in the home will benefit from this add-on blind.?

Detailed installation instructions and product information are available to homeowners by calling (866) ODL-4YOU (635-4968). For general information, visit www.odl.com.

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