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by: Jason Gluckman
In any household, a kitchen sink is one of the central fixtures and always sees plenty of action. It is used both for preparing food and for cleaning up after every meal. It can add to or take away from the overall effect of your kitchen?s design. Durability and attractiveness are both important qualities in kitchen sinks.

More than simply functional necessities, sinks now offer more design appeal, softer lines, and a variety of finishes. Every homemaker faces the challenge of choosing the right sink for the kitchen, and the kitchen sink provides the finishing touch to any new kitchen project.
Modern sinks are not just made of a simple faucet and bowl. They come in multiple bowls of various sizes and shapes and are designed with integral drainers, cutting boards, soap dispensers, instant hot water dispensers, purified water taps, sprayers and more.
Sinks are also made of stainless steel, enameled metal, solid surfacing materials and quartz composites, and of course the traditional porcelain.

There is a great amount to consider when choosing a kitchen sink. Size, in width and depth, is of course the biggest choice you will make when choosing a sink to fit your kitchen. You also have a choice of materials used in making the sink - stainless steel, granite or copper.

Stainless steel sinks are made in many sizes and several thicknesses. Enamel on cast iron or steel sinks are made in an assortment of colors. Quartz composite sinks also come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Many people prefer stainless steel sinks because they are believed to be easier to care for. Some solid-surface countertop materials may be formed to include rimless, seamless sinks that are a perfect match.

Your sink choice is restricted by the size of your cabinet and counter top. All kitchen sinks require a minimum cabinet size. You can find out the size of your cabinet by measuring under the existing sink or where the new sink will go.

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