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by: Laura Hickey

3 Tips when Writing Articles

Do you love to write? Do you want to put those writing skills to good use? Perhaps you want to see your name published whether it be in a newspaper, magazine, e-zine or other forms of publication. Here's 3 tips to start off your New Year.

1. Brainstorm

Once you've decided what your writing is going to be about, brainstorm. Think of a new angle for your article. For example: If you're writing for your local newspaper about an author, don't necessarily write only the obvious details. Is there something about this author that makes them unique? What is so great about the book they've written, can you tie it with a current news event and or holiday?

2. Removing the Fluff is a Must!

When writing a first draft, it's expected to h ave at least some fluff. Fluff is words, sentences, certain aspects of your article that don't necessarily add to your article. An example would be: ?I had no energy. My energy had been sucked out of me? Now that's not the great example, but you get the point. A good way to tell if you ave fluff is to put your article away for a while. Why? Because wen you leave your article for a bit, the next time you look over you'll see aspects of your article popping out. Certain words, facts and excess information that could easily be removed for a smooth flowing article. 3 fast tips that also apply are:

  1. Editing- Proof read your articles and remember to use your spell checker. Grammar and spelling mistakes can easily turn your editor away.

  2. Simple Language Structuring- You may be an expert in your field, but for others reading about your topic for the first time, your content should be simple. Make sure your sentences aren't run-ons. Are you teaching something? Break down aspects of your article into steps. This will ensure your reader understands your topic better.

  3. Be careful of the word ?the?- ?The? is a common word that sometimes is repeated too many times in the article, causing your article to become repetitious. Use ?the? repeatedly if you're trying to make a point.

3. Passion

No, I'm not talking about romance. Passion and excitement in your article. The topic that you choose to write about should excite you. It should be something you enjoy, something you love. If it's a topic you're not truly interested if, it's going to show in your writing. Especially if it's an article that you put together in 5 or so minute. Use words to ?pump? up your article, actions, appeal to one's senses if it's about cooking. Have the reader become excited and motivated if it's a teaching article.

About The Author

Laura Hickey is author of Mysterious Chills and Thrills for Kids. Ten Short Stories to Tickle the Imagination.

"Spooky" "Awesome" "Unpredictable"

Isn't it time you entered the world where shadows lurk and each page turn could be your doom...

This article was posted on January 05, 2005 <

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