10 seconds is all it takes. (How to grab the attention of yo.
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Attraction > 10 seconds is all it takes. (How to grab the attention of yo.

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by: Granny's Mettle
FACT: 30 to 60% of visitors tend to drop off and click to another site when they are forced to click their mouse more often than necessary.

FACT: People who use the internet are usually those who are always on-the-go and don't want to spend time figuring out how to navigate any web site.

FACT: It takes all of ten seconds for most first-time visitors to spend time on any web site before deciding if it's worth any attention.

Yes, it only takes ten seconds for viewers to get interested and stay a little longer to know more about your site and get the information they're looking for.

This is the main reason why the first page is the most important in any web site. Rule of thumb is to have a page that is direct to the point, doesn't waste time, and doesn't waste bandwidth. It's necessary that you get to the crux of your message and do it quick. Or else your audiences are outta here.

Studies prove that human nature cause to lose focus on whatever it is that we are paying attention to after the initial ten seconds. The mind seem to think that after ten seconds, either the object of attention gets better and interesting, or the attraction just fades because of too many things.

And ten seconds is important in any web designer's job. A designer has to remember that in ten seconds, the web page should be able to deliver something useful, if not everything.

One designer relates that ten seconds is enough for an average person to read a length of 40 words. And 40 words can mean a great deal of a good opening paragraph. The opening paragraph according to the designer is your "contract" with your reader. With your "contract", you promise to deliver what your viewer needs, in every page of your web site.

And in ten seconds, you should be able load your page and everything in it if possible. In addition, you should also take advantage of the text and its worth for your web site. Text is the first element that gets delivered upon connection. So make reading your text worthwhile. Deliver your promise, and deliver them good.

This is the essence of usability in the wide world of the web. Utilizing those precious ten seconds to deliver what you promise, and provide what your viewer needs. Use those ten seconds wisely. Plan, design and execute in ten seconds.

People go to your web site because of what they can get from it. Ten seconds is all it takes for viewers to know if you have what they need. So make your ten seconds count.

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About the Author

Granny's Mettle is a 30-something, professional web content writer. She has created various web content on a diverse range of topics, which includes digital printing topics, medical news, as well as legal issues. Her articles are composed of reviews, suggestions, tips and more for the printing and designing industry.

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