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Master Bedroom Organization.

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by: Hana Lee
In a perfect world your master bedroom should be a haven in which you and your spouse can retreat from the world and enjoy each other. Unfortunately, the same type of clutter and dust that invades every other room in your house can spill over into your master bedroom.

One of the easiest ways to spiffy up your master bedroom on a daily basis is make the bed. It's a simple as that. If you aren't someone who routinely makes the bed you'll be amazed how much better a room will look and how quickly you'll be hooked. A great facelift for a bedroom is also a simple one, it's called a "bed in a bag". These sets come with comforters, coordinating sheets, pillow shams and bed skirts. If you have a visible bathroom attached to the master bedroom it's nice to carry your color theme through to the bathroom too.

Clear off the top of your dressers. As with all flat surfaces these will tend to gather papers too. If you don't have a home office where you keep bills and other important papers, get an organizer. A good way to organize bills and papers is in an accordion folder. They can be organized alphabetically or by month. Just get them off your dresser!

Now onto the vanity. It's time to part with what you really don't use. Bottles left sitting anywhere just become dust collectors and if you haven't used that perfume in the past two years, you probably aren't going to. You can pick up some small and nifty storage boxes and use one for lipstick, one for eye makeup, and one for foundation. It's a good time to go through all your make up and get rid of what's old.

If you don't already have one, get a laundry basket for your room. These can also be decorative items. Get those clothes up off the floor. Get a shoe rack for your closet and put your shoes in the closet when you change clothes after you get home from work. Shoes left lying around in a bedroom don't just look bad - they can be a health hazard. More than one person has hurt him or herself tripping over shoes on the way to the bathroom during the night.

Now that we've beautified the bed and are going to keep it made, cleared off the tops of the dressers and organized the papers. Picked up the shoes and dirty clothes from off the floor it's time to run the vacuum.

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy your master bedroom.

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