Tournament Standard GPS and Sonar - the Bottom Line Tournament 6800 Fishfinder.
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Tournament Standard GPS and Sonar - the Bottom Line Tournament 6800 Fishfinder

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Coaching > Tournament Standard GPS and Sonar - the Bottom Line Tournament 6800 Fishfinder.

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by: NS Kennedy
The Bottom Line Tournament 6800 is an awesome machine. It enables you to do what one person could not do with so much precision. Anyone who is looking for a great technological system to add to their fishing gear should consider the Tournament 6800. If you are serious about your sport fishing you need to read our review.

First of all, the 6800 can remotely control up to six Cannon Mag 20 DT downriggers. It mounts to your boat for hands off use. This means, it will control your fishing rod?s position. It will follow the bottom contour and keep your weight at what you want it. It can cycle, raise and lower your Mag 20 DT downriggers easily. It can also do All Up and raise all size downriggers at the same time.

So, it?s like having six of you standing there, controlling your lines. Can you be in that many places at once? Just imagine how efficient this will make you fishing.

But, it does more. It can be linked to your autopilot system and will then steer your boat to GPS waypoints or on your GPS routes. It also is a fully featured, no hassle GPS mapping system. Using a built in GPS receiver with 1000 waypoints, 1000 event markers and 100 routes with 20 waypoints per route.

Okay, this all breaks down to the unit controlling so much that your job on board your boat will be to sit back and relax. Yes, we think you will love this unit!

The display is clear, sharp, and provides the images you need to see in clarity. It is one of the best on the market, in fact. You can see all there is to see so that you can then adjust what you need to. You'll be able to locate fish under and on both sides of your boat, allowing you to have more ability to catch your fish. And, you can do all of this and much more with the Bottom Line Tournament 6800. In fact, it does more than just about any other unit out there to improve your fishing experience.

It is simply a must have for any tournament sportsman who wants to increase his chances of the big prize.

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