A1 Technology Launches its independent SEO division A-1 Internetdesign.
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Email marketing > A1 Technology Launches its independent SEO division A-1 Internetdesign.

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by: john parker
A-1 Technology Inc., a US based Offshore outsourcing firm launched its SEO division as a separate company, A-1 Internetdesign Inc. Having established itself in the field of software and website development, the company expanded to provide vertical services covering all domains of Online Marketing.

Established in 1999, A-1 Technology has been providing web solutions to companies across industry sectors with special focus on Finance, Real estate and Health care Industries. The company has its headquarters in New York and other locations include New Jersey, Chicago, London(UK), Stuttgart(Germany), Singapore, Chandigarh and Delhi (India), thus ensuring a global presence. Two years ago, A-1 Internetdesign was started as a division in the company to provide search engine optimization as a complimentary service to its existing clients. As the importance of the search engines grew in doing business over the internet, the requirements of the clients also grew to include other marketing techniques to the portfolio. Ecommerce Maintenance projects were also being accepted that included SEO as a central task. In order to give greater independence, it was decided to turn the division into a separate entity.

The new company under the name of A-1 Internetdesign Inc. would provide Ecommerce maintenance services including Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Email marketing, ongoing development and design alterations. The offshoring advantage will ensure that the prices are competitive. All the services can be seen at the company?s corporate website www.a1internetdesign.com

About the author:

The author of this article is John Parker, A-1 Technology, Inc, an offshore outsourcing company

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