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Get a Prenuptial Agreement before Your Next Marriage.

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by: Jeffrey Broobin
While signing a ? A prenup is important if one of you is wealthier than the other.
? If you have assets such as a house, stock or retirement funds, you should have a prenup.
? A prenuptial agreement is essential if you own part or all of a business.
? A prenup can discuss your wishes if you may be receiving an inheritance.
? If you have relatives who need to be taken care of, such as disabled children or elderly parents, a prenuptial agreement is very important.
? If you expect to receive a big increase in income because of a growing business, a prenuptial agreement can address this issue.
? A prenuptial agreement is essential if you have children and/or grandchildren from a previous marriage.
We recommend that each partner draw up a list of assets. Furthermore, for professional couples, prenuptial agreements can be the ultimate protection against all-too-common lawsuits or medical malpractice suits. You can't predict all of your life events, and prenuptial agreements are a means of keeping your own assets safe in the event of any financial problems that your spouse may experience.

Note that Legal Helpmate provides an easy-to-use, quick, and economical online method for creating Prenuptial Agreement (Premarital Contract).

About the author:
Jeffrey Broobin is a free-lance writer on family and finance issues; his main goal is to help people during their complicated period of life.
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