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by: Sean Gum
Copyright 2005 Sean Gum

In my last article I discussed the 3 Business Models for Creating Wealth on the Internet. In this article I would like to go into detail on how to create wealth with Network Marketing. And I will teach you how to do it in 30 days...

Network Marketing has come a long way in the last 50 or so years. What used to be a "shady" or questionable industry has now turned in a multi-national multi-billion dollar industry.

What used to be thought of as a "Pyramid Scheme" or "Get Rich Quick" scheme is now a legimate way to leverage the efforts of thousands of other people to create your income...

And now that you can get involved with Multi-National opportunities, you can *easily* build an income stream that comes in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year whether you continue working it or not.

So whether you are from the U.S, Canada, Japan, Israel or India, it no longer matters. The new Network Marketing companies let you do business anywhere. About the only country that does not allow Network Marketing is China where they *still* consider it a "Pyramid Scheme." (However, Russia has embraced it with open arms!)

Network Marketing can be broken up into two parts - "recruiting" which is finding other people to join your business and do the same thing you are doing - and "retail" which is selling or marketing a product or service.

As you sell the product, you make a commission. As you bring people into the business, you will start earning a percentage of the commission that THEY make.

So if you bring 3 people in, and they bring 9 people in, you will receive a percentage of all the sales that all 12 of those people make. The bigger your team of people you bring in, the bigger your commission check.

This is easily demonstrated by drawing circles. Draw a circle and draw two circles underneath it. Now draw two circles under each one of them...

Keep doing this 9 or 10 levels deep. Now go back to that top circle. That is YOU. You make a commission on ALL the little circles underneath you.

That is Network Marketing... That is the POWER of Network Marketing....

Before the Internet age, it used to take 10-15 years to build a team large enough that you could "walk away" from and it would continue to build without you. And this was with an income of $25,000 - $50,000 per month. Not bad...

When the Internet sprang onto the scene, the time was shortened to 3 - 5 years to build that same income. Not bad considering most people spend their whole lives working and never see that kind of income....

As you know, I *LOVE* multiple streams of income. I am always looking for additional opportunities to make "easy" money using the power of the Internet to leverage my actions...

I recently stumbled across an opportunity at that has me staying awake at night!

A Network Marketing company without SALES or RETAIL?

I fell out of my chair when I ran across it! A Network Marketing company that did not require you to go out and sell the product... And only required you to find TWO other people to join the business...

And the compensation plan is phenomenal... The span has now been shortened from years to MONTHS and, as we are currently seeing, even WEEKS....

Six figures A MONTH in 16 weeks?

Go to the Business Plan section of and scroll down to the middle of the screen to Potential Monthly Earnings.

Too good to be true?

I have never ever seen a compensation plan like this one. The plan is simple:
1. Enroll and get started on an autoship.
2. Within 7 days, get 2 people to do the same.
3. Help those 2 people to repeat step #2 above.

Did you notice I didn't say anything about selling a product or service?

Did you also notice I didn't say repeat again after you get those 2 people?

That's right! The autoship is for your consumption. That's it. Although the product is amazing, that is not what you are doing with this business...

Your job is simply to do the 3 steps above...

Now look at the Potential Earnings once again...

Don't think it is possible?

Draw some more circles...

Draw a circle with two circles underneath. Then go down a level and continue drawing two circles underneath each one above it... Continue repeating for 16 levels...

What you will notice is that each level doubles the previous one.

This represents your network. You get 2 people in 7 days, they get 2 people in 7 days. Each week your team would double in size...

At the end of 20 weeks on that plan, your potential income is $181,00 per month! PER MONTH...

But it gets better....

We joined this opportunity on Wednesday, September 14th, 2005. Within 24 HOURS, we had our two recruits. Within 48 hours, we had 6 people on our team. Within 72 hours, we had 10.. Within 4 days - 16...

Our numbers are not doubling once a week, but almost once a day..

In the three other companies we are involved with, it took us MONTHS to see the kind of growth we've seen in just 4 days....

Now go back to the Potential Monthly Earnings. Four days into this business and we are already on track for week 4.

Still don't believe it?

I am about to completely blow your mind!

So I said I'd tell you how to do it in 30 days...

The magic of this opportunity is that once somebody joins, you have your entire upline building underneath YOU... They can - AND WILL - place people underneath YOU...

That is how this team is built - straight down. So when people up above recruit more than 2, they get placed down the line... underneath the new people..

But guess what... If you have not personally recruited your two people yet, you will miss out on those overrides..

With everybody coming into the business realizing that, they find two more people REALLY FAST... Most in 24 hours or less...

After that, they are done. Really... Yes, seriously...

So do the math... Double your business every 24 hours...

And once you maxed out at $181,000 per month in your first 30 days, you can find two more people and do it all over again...

Or not...

Maybe you could live on $181,000 a month?? .... :-)

Still not convinced? Call my business partner Ron at (269)978-2715 or email . He can give you all the nitty-gritty details and answer all your questions.

Yes, folks, it is for real... We will be posting weekly updates of our growth to our list at . Sign up for free and track our progress...

To your success,
God bless...

About the author:
Sean Gum is the president of Magnificent Enterprises, Inc and founder of a leading Internet leads generation company. He offers a free newsletter on how to create wealth on the Internet utilizing three distinct business models. Sign up for free at

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