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by: Cathy Qazalbash
Many people try a network marketing opportunity when they first start an online business. They start with high hopes that this will be an easy way to achieve financial independence. However the novelty soon wears off and the hard reality sets in, there is no such thing as an easy, no work way to start a business.

All businesses great and small require an initial period of disciplined work. There is no such thing as "making 1000's in a few days with no work. Yes, as a home based business person you can "make money in your pajamas," if you wish, but even if you do not get dressed, you still have to discipline yourself to a certain amount of work for your business, on a regular basis. Network marketing is no exception.

Always remember that network marketing is a team business. In order to make money in this field you must be prepared to work closely with your team members. Welcome them to the team, introduce yourself as their upline and offer help if they need it. Some of your team members will respond, others will not, work with the ones who do respond. These are your potentially strong members and are the lifeblood of your business. Try to build relationships with these members by offering help and discussing marketing techniques. Remember the team concept, your downline's success is your success, you will all profit together. If something has been successful with you share, and encourage your team members to share their successes with their downline. In this way you will spread success to all members and build a strong active team, who are continually adding dedicated people to the team. Here are some points to start and build your profitable network marketing business.

Choose a good program that is not too expensive and has good products, that will be useful to you and your members. Take time to do all the research you can before you invest your money. Remember you will be investing your hard earned money and time into this project and will be encouraging others to do so. In order to promote something you must believe in it 100% with no reservations. Your marketing will then come over well and be more successful.

Before you join give careful thought how you will market. A common mistake of newcomers to network marketing is joining programs and not preparing themselves for how they will market the program. Make sure that the program can be marketed to a reasonably wide and accessible market. This will allow you to tap into good sized areas of prospects with relative ease.

Build your team on the "power of 3" basis. Let me explain: Market to a targeted section of people until you have 3 determined team members, serious and willing to work with you. They will be the foundation of your strong and profitable team. Train these 3 and share with them all the successful methods of marketing that you have used. Encourage and help them to get 3 good active members and train them in the same way. Those 3 members will train 3 members themselves and your team will grow to be a powerful profitable business for you all.

As you grow your first team find another, if possible related program and build your team the same way. Some of your team members may like to join a second program with you, if they like your leadership but never try to pressure them into it. Just make a suggestion and let them decide. You can build a third and possibly a forth program with these techniques. This should be enough to give you and your teams a nice monthly income. After your initial work you will only have to do a few hours of work a week to maintain your teams and advertise on a regular basis.

A few marketing techniques that do well for network marketing are:

Ezine Advertising: Keep careful track of these ads and see which do well and what has flopped. Target Home Business Opportunity ezines and newsletters. When you get enough money together try offline Home Opp magizines.

Distribute info articles on network marketing, draw attention to your affiliate link in the Bio box or draw prospects to your theme website, with all your opportunities "under one roof."

The usual website promotions like Search Engines Pay-Per-Clicks and Linking will work to bring interested prospects to your site.

Google Adwords can be used for affiliate sites if you do not want to build your own website.

You can buy leads but be very careful of the quality and age of these leads. You can waste a lot of money with this method of prospecting.

These are just a few points that can help you build a successful Network Marketing business. The golden rules to remember are, never join a program that you have not found a way to market and always work with your team members. together you will all build a profitable network marketing business and gain true financial freedom.

About the author:
Cathy is a freelance writer, publisher and copywriter.
She has written over a hundred articles on small
business development and marketing. She is also
a Juvio Independent Associate Member

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